Drugs that don't cause weight gain

Hi guys.

I’m on 125 mg of Topamax but unfortunately my disequilibrium isn’t significantly better. I love this drug because it has not given me ANY side effects and hasn’t made me put on weight.
My doctor doesn’t really want me to go any higher. But in David Buchholz book Heal my Headache he recommends going up to 200 mg.

I am due to see my doctor in the coming days and if he doesn’t increase my dosage I would like to have a backup of other drugs like Topamax that don’t cause weight gain as last year I tried 25 mg of an antidepressant that made me gain like 8 kg in a very short period.

I am on nortriptyline 30 mg which has been very helpful. However, I have gained 25 lbs from it. Luckily, I was thin to begin with. Even though I had to buy all new pants (not a joke), having my life back and not feeling dizzy all the time is worth it. That was the worst feeling in the world to me.

HI Amy - did it cause weight gain just of itself, or does it make you hungry so you eat more - or a bit of both?