Drugs triggering asthmatic symptoms

I haven’t been diagnosed with asthma although there is a very mild weakness there. I had to stop pizotifen as it was creating asthmatic symptoms that I don’t normally have. I am now experiencing mild symptoms on gabapentin and am considering how long I should trial this for. Does anyone have experience with developing asthmatic symptoms and how has that influenced the route you take with the drugs?

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I can identify with that , i have a very mild background asthma . I probably used my inhaler about once a year , in fact it hadn’t really been a problem since childhood, until i started taking pregabalin and gabapentin . Both of these meds exacerbated the asthma , i now have to use the inhaler daily , as i take pregabalin.
I have trialled these meds before and the asthma subsided after stopping the meds.