Dust mite

Hi All,

I just came across a very interesting post on the Meniere’s forum which has me really thinking – and slightly excited about eliminating a possible major migraine trigger that could potentially change things for me considerably: dust mite. The person who posted there has achieved great MAV control by eliminating dust mite and following the other usual lifestyle changes. It was the dust mite elimination that made the BIG difference according to her.

Years ago I was run through a pile of allergy tests at RPA hospital and apart from various grass pollens that triggered massive red marks on my arm (I get hayfever), there were two others. Cat hair registered at a low level and dust mite caused a big red blotch.

So tonight I suddenly remembered at least two scenarios where I had been sleeping in a particular bed for a while, had miserable symptoms – I’m talking splitting headaches after a shower, worse than usual, to almost nil headaches after a shower when I temporarily moved to another place this one time. I was house sitting for 6 weeks and could not believe how I was able to use a commercial shampoo and not have a headache afterwards – unheard of for me. It’s the only time this has ever happened in 6 years. The house I was minding was immaculately clean with hardwood floors and a spotless bedroom. As soon as I moved out again, the headaches came back as per usual. The place I was at before for just 2 weeks was very dusty with carpets AND a cat. My morning headaches were out of control, the worst ever. In the second scenario that also really stands out, I was travelling down the west coast of Australia in 2006 camping. We arrived in Perth and checked into a motel. The bed there was not good and the pillows and duvet dusty and the room smelled of cigarettes. The next morning I woke in a complete heavy duty fog and had the headache from hell that went ballistic after a shower. This head pain continued for the 3 days we stayed (we had to; we were broke) and for about 3 days after before diminishing again.

It may all be one big coincidence but I’m going to give this a go and de-dust mite my entire bedroom – covers, detergent, carpet. I’ll napalm the place if I have to. Sydney is renowned for being dust mite central. It’s a dusty and humid place, especially here at Bondi – perfect for the little buggers to party. Imagine if something like this was a key trigger for me and I could eliminate it? Wow.

I’m wondering if this is why I feel so lousy every morning too. Hmmmm. Maybe all a long shot.

Scott 8)

Interesting point. Sounds like there very well could be a connection there, Scott. Wouldn’t it be great if this turned out to be your trigger and you could eliminate it?

Most of my vertigo attacks have happened in the early AM, I wonder if this could be why. I’ve never had allergy testing so I have no idea if I have a problem with dust mites or not. Considering all the dust bunnies under my bed I’m sure my mattress is loaded with the little critters. Yuck!!!

Woudn’t that be great if something “right under your nose” might turn out to be a trigger that you could do something to reduce in a major way?

My allergist suggested using pillow and mattress covers that are made for the purpose of keeping out dust mites. (They go under your regular pillow case and sheets.)

Good luck, Scott!

Wondering if this has provided you with any relief since doing your clean up of the dust mites?

Hi Timeless,

I haven’t had a chance to do anything about it this week. The first thing on the list is to get the covers for the mattress, pillows and duvet. I’m going to try and pick some up today, also the detergents. I doubt I’ll be able to notice much change right now while withdrawing Paxil. It’s causing huge problems for me alone.


Sorry to hear that you are having a rough time. Feel better soon. Let us know when you finish the cleaning process if there is any progress.

Scott, did you ever nail this one? Come to any conclusions about carpets and dust mites? I ask because I’m beginning to wonder about the same thing myself. Thanks


I did a big clean down, washed everything in Borax (and still do this with sheets), continued to keep things as mite free as possible but noticed no difference. You may as well give it a go. Most people are allergic to dust mite.

S 8)

Thanks Scott. Shame it made no difference to you. I think I’ll give it a shot nevertheless. My thinking is that my head is always like a block of concrete when I wake, so I’m wondering if it has to do with something while I’m sleeping. Also on my allergy tests the only one that came up mildly positive was for dust mite.

It’s probably not that - so many other undoubtable triggers - but it might lessen the overall load, so worth a go. Thanks again.