E-ink computer monitor

Hello all

I have no problems reading a kindle but using a computer monitor is tiring and/or migraine-inducing.

Has anybody tried an e-ink computer monitor? ie the same as a kindle screen but much bigger.

They are out there, but expensive.

Wondering if I should make the investment…,



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Can you share a link to a good example?

If they were £300 it would be a no brainier, but in the UK they are over £1k for the large ones (25”).

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Thanks. It does make me wonder though, what you gain in not being subjected to flashing rasterisation, do you lose a bit because of the artifacting when things are moved or drawn? Does that annoy the brain?

For me, I spend long hours with documentation, so I don’t think that would be an issue. They are no good for graphics or video. But I assume they are as easy in the eye as a kindle for looking at text.

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It’s definitely a great option.

I really enjoyed this report on the state of e-ink technology:

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Really interesting, thanks!

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Very interesting technology. I wonder whether it would be better for vestibular migraine sufferers?

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or anyone with a middle or inner ear condition that gets a bit sensitive.

I haven’t used e ink on a monitor but I do have blue light screen protector on my phone and work laptop which help. And on my Mac I have night mode on permanently with tones down everything and is much more comfortable. not sure if that helps?

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That won’t get rid of the flashing rasterisation though (but sure, may help some people).

I do the same in regular monitor - it helps but doesn’t solve the problem completely

I got one!

Will report back when I get settled into it


Awesome, what fun! :nerd_face: