Ear fluid

I wanted to bounce something off of you, with my current relapse that I mentioned maybe a month ago , I’ve found that at 1st this didn’t happen , but now at different times of the day, I get a fluid sensation in both my ears, and maybe slight pressure. You dealt with this as I can see from your diary, and I know you hypothesized that you had a leak in there that didn’t like to heal , can these just randomly happen ? My relapse or whatever it is because it’s 24/7 again started from toothe pain that migrated into my ear and down across the base of my head, I just find it odd that I now have these fluid sensations in both ears


Hey Chris,

The fluid has never been explained to me. I sometimes wonder what the doctors know for sure!

The consultant who diagnosed me with MAV just called it “an aberration”. Very helpful!!

I just got it in one ear.

My current theory is that this fluid irritates the middle ear and you end up with a puffed up middle ear and this causes both auditory and vestibular fallout.

It makes sense because it must be similar tissue to the outer ear and if anyone has had an outer ear infection, they know how crazy that can get, now imagine that internal, where it can cause pressure that pushes against the oval window of the inner ear and affect both hearing and balance.

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I get this. It’s like something is dripping in my ear and I can feel a trickling sensation. I get a lot of ear pressure as well and often ear ache. I have no idea what it is, I do feel more off balance when I get it. My ears have been checked many times and are fine. It doesn’t cause me too many issues though. I’ve recently been put back on Betahistine and my ear pressure and the dripping sensation feel a lot less this week - after two weeks of it being horrendous when I first started taking it. Hoping for continual improvement!


I get this too, before Amitriptyline This was one of my worst things to encounter with MAV, I’m currently relapsing and have it this the last couple of days, it’s almost like it drips through to the other ear! Very weird sensation and then they will get crackly and stuffy and my balance takes another turn. I’ve had this for years but after Amitriptyline this is very occasionally now and generally when I’m relapsing.

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Amitriptyline is an anti-cholinergenic (it’s what gives you dry eyes with this med) so is almost bound to help with reducing what might be excess mucous production so that might explain why it helps most of the time and made a big difference to you to begin with.

Thanks James, yes it’s a fantastic drug which is why I’d rather stay on it and add something else in - gotta speak with Neuro about that first. I’ll be travelling to Oxford (if well enough) I just wish it would stop the flare ups but I guess a condition is to be managed and so manage it I’ll have to do :smirk: it’s just great to have found something that helps day to day. Amazing infact. :sparkling_heart:

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