Ear Fullness Inderal/Propranolol

Hi Everyone!

Has anyone had relief from ear fullness & or tinnitus with Inderal/Propranolol?

Just curious. One symptom I just get sooooo sick of! :smiley: Along with all of the others of course!



I second you on this one. 75 mg of Topamax seems to be working for all my symptoms except for my ear symptoms, although I have to admit, I havent been having the fluctuation I was having. I would have some great days then some really horrible days with a lot in the middle, so maybe the Topamax is helping and I just need to up my dose. I have an appointment with my neuro in a week so I will keep you posted on what he says. We seem to be having a lot of the same issues!


Hi ajs!

I wish Topamax hadn’t given me such a problem with breathing, it actually seemed to start taking the edge off of the ear fullness at 50 mg! But it stopped me from taking deep breaths, and also left me breathless after a short walk. And, it stopped be from being able to meditate. That was a biggy for me. Cutting down to 25 mg helped the meditation but still have a bit of breathing issue so am cutting it out. Have been feeling a bit better in some ways, and think maybe that the neuro’s recommendation of the butterbur/feverfew supplement, along with all the others I take, may be actually having an effect. He said 4 to 6 weeks & it’s been about 4 so it’s a possibility.

We shall see!

I thought maybe I would keep Inderal in the loop as, last time I tried it I had not been given proper guidance by my GP about titrating off Nori/Prozac and then starting Inderal. He just wanted to give me a pill and make me go away…wasn’t interested in the story. I have a ton of 10 mg Inderal tablets that I never disposed of. It may be something I bring up with my new doc or a specialist if she can get me in to see one, if I need it.

I take 120mg Propranolol, split between morning and evening. I also have ear crackling, fullness, occassional pain and pulsating tinnitus. The propranolol hasn’t helped the ear symptoms per se but has helped the headaches greatly and is very easy to tolerate!!

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