Ear Fullness

Hi Everyone- I was wondering what ear fullness felt like for all of you. For me, it is the feeling like you get when you have a cold and you are congested. Occassionaly when I hold my nose and blow I get crackles and pops. Does this happen to anyone else? I am asking because this is one of the annoying symptoms I have and wanted to know if this is similar to all of you.
Thanks, hope you are all having a great night!

Mostly it feels like im underwater…sounds are muffled & very hard to hear. when the sound does come back it is a high pitched sound…like someone has swalllowed helium. :shock: other times it is a constant ringing.

Only my left ear gets full, and now that Im on meds its very minimal and sometimes cant feel it all. When it was at my worst(when this all started) it felt like I had something stuck in there, like water was in it, or was clogged like when go up a mountain.

When I get this symptom my ears feel ‘full’ like when you ascend quickly in an elevator or aeroplane, but I can’t ‘equalise’. I also have a weird humming/vibrating sensation and (at its worst) pain. My hearing also feels very muffled. It usually occurs in both ears and then might settle in just one side, always the right.

For me, when I had this symptom, it felt exactly the same as you describe, i.e. like it was congested from a cold (but I didn’t have a cold at all).