Ear muffled HELP

About a week ago I noticed my right ear was muffled after getting out of the shower I waited a few days and if still felt muffled it recently started switching between ears one ear would be fine and one would be muffled and they just kept switching. I have went to the doctor and they found a lot of earwax in my right ear but not much in my left ear so they flushed both of them and they said I had a ear infection in my right ear but ever since that my left ear has been muffled now… may anyone please help im freaked out

Please DO NOT have your ears syringed! I ended up in this mess because I pointed a shower into my ear for a brief moment. Use olive oil drops instead and deal with it gradually and gently. I’ve also read reports of others getting chronically dizzy after syringing. This is especially advisable if you are having ear trouble already! That sounds VERY reckless of your doctors. Get new ones!

I dont have any earwax after they flushed it I don’t know why I still have muffled ears