Ear pain, dull pulsing

My right ear pulses occasionally from inside, like a kind of deep noise as if it’s trying to pop. It also aches a lot and feels very pressured. Does anyone else get this as a VM symptom?

Quite a bit.


Yes, I get this quite a bit. A constant feeling of pressure and sometimes weird pops like my ear drum is spasming or something. Not sure if it’s a migraine symptom or something else going on. Also am really sensitive to sudden noises.

Yes I get exactly the same thing with my left ear!!

Anne x

I get earache in my left ear and often when I swallow it pops. Is this another sign I probably have mav?

Yes, constantly. It pulsates to my heartbeat.
I have Eustachiantube-problems too, eardrum is popping in or out (differs), building pressure and giving me tinnitus.


My ear sometimes makes a clicking sound when I swallow.
Pressure and aches regularly.