Ear Pain!

Hi, sorry to abruptly butt in, but was wondering have you ever suffered with shooting pains in your ear for days on end?

I’ve had shooting ear pains for several days, but not continuously.

Like on and off I mean but over days if you get me. I’ve never had it for so long before.

I did. Effexor made a difference there.

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Just had the scariest thing ever happen to, was talking to my mum and it’s like I forgot how to talk or forgot what I was saying all together. This had made me worry so much and it’s nwver happened before surely that’s not normal?

Aphasia and slurred speech are both common parts of migraine auras. And really freaking embarrassing if it happens when you’re public speaking. Get the migraine under control with meds and those things happen less often.

I suffer from stabbing, shooting right ear pain and was told by my neuro it was a migraine symptom…it comes and goes but lasts for days/ weeks. I was prescribed Gabapentin for it and i found heat helped…its very painful.
Jo x

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