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I sleep with ear plugs because I am a VERY light sleeper. Do any of you think this could be making my MAV worse? I’ve tried going without them, but I’m addicted. My husband snores, my dog licks his lips all night, and the train horns keep blowing! I could kick the dog out, but my husband probably wouldn’t be as cooperative! I’ve often wondered if the pressure in my ears created by the ear plugs could be exacerbating my problems. Any thoughts?

Hi Marci,

I use ear plugs a lot too. I don’t think they would have any effect at all. The pressure change in your ear would be near nil considering you are just lying in bed. I think it’s better that you get a sound sleep than not. Loss of sleep is far worse for migraine in my experience. I know it’s easy to look for things that you’re doing thinking they are the reason you may be feeling worse on a given day but I think you can be certain it’s not the ear plugs.

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I tried ear plugs but found them to be very uncomfortable. After my daughter was born (13 years ago) I was nursing her so much that I eventually ended up sleeping in her room, then because of my husb’s snoring & nocturnal bathroom trips, I moved into our ‘spare’ bedroom. Now I use a white noise machine for the other noises that try to keep me awake at night.

In my humble opinion, I don’t think ear plugs were good for me … they hurt my ears & may have caused me some pressure as well. The white noise machine is a lot nicer. And yeah, loss of sleep is probably making things worse. If I were you, I’d dope up for a night to see if you could at least get one good night sleep, then deal with those other factors to see if you can change some things around for the ‘long run’.

Have you talked to an ENT about the ear pressure theory?

I use them every night as well, can only very rarely be without them. I switched to a new type about a month ago, though, that kind of covers the ear canal on the outside, with minimal pressure on the inside. Makes my ears a lot less sore. They’re small, soft silicon pieces that you roll into a ball, and then just push against the ear canal, to create a seal on the outside.

those suck lol. I use american ones my bro bought. They’re just right size for me. Many other plugs make my ear hurt and I wake up from that.

I’m not real sure about ear plugs, but my nuero. suggested I take Melatonin 6-9mg every night for sleeping. Melatonin is non-addicting and it does not leave me feeling strung out after I wake up. As for noise we use a box fan year round, it drowns out my wife except on her worse nights when she has a cold, then it’s couch time.

Can anyone recommend decent ear plugs for ear pressure? I find that even when using my AirPods my ear pressure is reduced.

Does anyone find specific types of ear plugs work better?

:upside_down_face: thanks!

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