Ear pressure at the same time every day?

Does anyone know what could be the cause of ear pressure at the same time everyday? For the past 3 nights, I’ve been getting fullness/pressure and a little bit of pain in my ear after a while of laying down to go to sleep. Seems to occur at 2am every night. The pressure starts in one ear then continues to the other. It has the tendency to wax and wane. The next morning I wake up, and it’s gone, or partially there. I’ve tried taking decongestants/nasal sprays but nothing makes it go away permanently.

I was recently dx with perilymph fistula, but never experienced any sort of ear fullness until now. I have no hearing loss with this fullness/pressure or any vertigo. I am skeptical of my PLF dx and still believe I have MAV.

The only difference/change I made, is the night that this started, I started eating Samoas (girl scout cookies! haha) which contain Chocolate etc. Usually with MAV, if I eat a food it aggravates my lightheadedness, never my ears

Thanks in advance!

Dear suki,
I have the dame. I to doubt my dx, wich is mav. Because my most being symptom is ear pressure. And some pain. And it seems like most artikels on mav days ear pressure is rare in mav…

Best from Line

i get ear pressure about once a day at the same time too. it very quickly comes and goes. i wonder if it has to do with weather or pressure changes. i am not sure but i totally get it!