Ear problems

Hi Mavers!

I wanted to ask if anyone of you experinced any hearing/ear problems with this annoying illness? I seems to have this weird sensation in my right ear and it won’t go away. I went to the doc and it looks fine he said, but I still feel as though there is a small cotton ball in there…Is this part of the MAV symtoms?? Does anyone know? :?



Hi Em

Yep ear problems are a primary symptom for me and mainly my left ear.

It gets blocked up and pops constantly and feels weird when I swallow. My right ear about once a week goes into this spasm where it feels like a bird is flapping it’s wing in there and it drives me mental.

I also suffer very periodic tinnitus in both ears about once a week or so. No actual hearing problems though. But when my left ear gets blocked (past 3 days now) it consumes my thoughts and def adds to my dizzies!!

Wishing you well x


It’s weird, some of my MAV attacks are ear focussed and others are what I’d call brain-focussed. The ear ones give me dizziness, disorientation, ‘popping’ feelings, fullness in ears, constant need to swallow which doesn’t relieve it, sensitivity to sound, sometimes actual ear-ache and deafness (muffled sounds). The ‘brain’ epsiodes are different, giving me excruciating head, eye, neck, jaw etc. pain and nausea, sensitivity to light and sound and movement around me, difficulty concentrating. I think I marginally prefer the ear-type attcks, but only marginally, and at any rate it’s often a mixture of both.

Whatever, the whole thing’s yuckville.


Dizzy Izzy x

Yes, ear problems are actually among my worst symptoms. I have tinnitus all the time in both ears (high ringing). On top of that, I have a whole host of other noises I hear from time to time: sometimes I’ll get low buzzy noises, sometimes the pitch will change rapidly in one ear or both, sometimes I get this noise I call the “foghorn.” It’s terribly annoying. I also have issues with the left ear feeling congested and plugged and it makes my head feel very heavy and uncomfortable. Sometimes I get pain too, and my ears pop a lot. Ugh! I’m sorry to hear you’re having these symptoms; I know how awful they can be!


Thank you for writing back on my post. Good to know I’m not crazy :mrgreen:


I’ve had ear problems just once - muffled hearing for a few days.

Burd has had significant problems with her hearing from migraine. From memory I think she’s even got some permanent hearing loss.


I have ear problems as well. The past year I’ve had fluid in the right ear and that one has hearing loss in the mid-frequencies. The past 5 months or so it has been acting up in a way like DizzyIzzy described giving me a feeling of fullness, dizziness and a buzzing feeling in the ear. I’ve got tinnitus in both ears that is mostly pulsing or buzzing.

My GP gave me prednisone to try and help the right ear but that didn’t work. I’m having additional allergy testing tomorrow to see if there’s something going on there that is making it worse.


My right ear has always felt a little strange. Even before all this mess started. Sometimes I pay a little too much attention to it now, cause I’m dizzy all the time and I keep thinking it has something to do with the dizziness, when in reality, it’s never felt any different than before. It may be causing the dizzi’s these days, but why didn’t it before? I think we all pay close attention to any change going on in our heads cause this illness makes us think too much sometimes. There may be something to it though, but I try not to get caught up in it too much anymore cause I think I’m just putting fuel in the fire and making my mind nuts.

All throughout your lives, our heads have given us different feelings that we never really paid much attention to because we never had a debilitating illness like this. Now that we’re dizzy all the time, we start almost watching for silly things to happen. I remember once I tried hard to listen close to see if I had tinnitus going at the moment, so I shut off all noise in the house and just listened to nothing. Then I thought, what the hell am I doing, and I flipped the tv on and forgot about it and told myself, that’s enough. If I hear it noticebly out of nowhere, then I’ll think of it the same as I thought of it before I was dizzy. No big deal, nothing I haven’t heard before anyway.

It’s probably nothing new, just something you haven’t noticed in a while. Don’t worry about it too much unless you really think you should. One thing I’ve learned throughout these dizzy times, is to not put too much stock into thinking about little changes in or around any part of my head. That is where I think the anxiety of it all starts taking control of you. No one in the world has a head that feels the exact same everyday with no little thing going on here or there.

Although I don’t get a real big bang with ear symptoms like some of the other members here. But I do get a few things here and there, but I don’t think it’s anymore than before I was dizzy. Some people actually have hearing loss and other scary things that I haven’t had to deal with. After reading a lot of other members posts over the months, I kept thinking, Oh no am I gonna lose hearing and have nonstop tinnitus, am I gonna get this and that, and those thoughts were making me nuts. So I just read now and look at myself and some things are me and some things aren’t. I learned that everyone is different and unique in there own way with some similarities. We all have one thing in common and that’s DIZZINESS. I hate it. We’re all gonna get rid of it though, keep the faith :smiley:


— Begin quote from "beatles909"

We all have one thing in common and that’s DIZZINESS. I hate it. We’re all gonna get rid of it though, keep the faith :smiley:

— End quote

Amen to that my friend!!! Have a great weekend all x

I had a sudden hearing loss last summer in my left ear (fortunately temporary) and have persistent distorted hearing and hyperacusis in that ear even now, though it is mostly a mild background effect. This is actually the one point that keeps me from embracing migraine as the cause of all my symptoms. I know that migraine can cause hearing symptoms, but they are usually episodic and bilateral. Mine are very consistently unilateral, and even my “migraine” dizziness/tingling is consistently left-sided. Two years ago I used to say that it felt as if someone had slapped me upside the left ear. That feeling has come back and is there most of the time now (this started in March along with a bad cold), except when I first get up in the morning. It is brought on, and aggravated, by motion.

I think the same is true of my (left-sided) hyperacusis. So I think they are due to the same cause, and I have doubts as to whether that is migraine. (Of course, it also doesn’t fit Meniere’s or any other common syndrome.)

I’m going to have it out with my neuroto on this whole issue when I see him in a few weeks.

when i have an attack my right ear feels really pressurised and i feel like i have nuralgia in my neck and cheek bone and ears

My ears today are raging war against me and I can just about function. They block up and make the dizziness so much worse. My neck feels really tense today too.

Now I know why Van Gough cut his off (I know he had MM but even so)!

Miserable :frowning:

Everybody has said the same things I was going to say. I thought it rather interesting the couple of comments about a buzzing feeling in the ear. Until this thread I have never heard anybody say that they had that, and I thought I was an oddity. At least that is the impression I get from the look the docs give me when I tell them that I can feel the tinnitus, like a buzzing sensation, almost like how a garden hose feels and sounds.

Hi…I usually have hearing loss during a vertigo attack. Its more of a full underwater feeling that fades to a high pitched hissing… been like this for 10 yrs, i always thought i had Menieres but my last ENT said i dont have permanent hearing loss so it cannot be Menieres. i cant get a firm diagnosis, i waiting to have yet ANOTHER hearing/balance test.


My tinnitus can range from an annoying high-pitched whine, to an equally annoying low-pitched rumbling/buzzing - the first time I experienced the low-pitch type, I actually thought a lorry or similar sized, big-engined vehicle, had parked outside the house with the engine running - after half-hour or so, when it was stopping me getting to sleep, I was literally going to open the bedroom window and shout down to them - it’s then that I realised it was all in my head (or ear) - doh!! :frowning:

Even to this day, I still think it sounds like a low-pitched engine/exhaust, or like traffic rumbling along the road in the distance - only difference is, I now recognise it for what it is, and don’t bother trying to open the bedroom window to shout at fictitous lorry drivers!! :lol: