Ear symptoms

Does anyone here have ear symptoms? When I first got sick I had none, eng was fine hearing also. The past few years my left ear vibrates at low tones, sometimes my right ear pops. No fullness just these symptoms. What do you all experience I’m going nuts. Once I get feeling better I am going to Emory in Atlanta for tests. When I get my dizziness its all felt in my neck. I’m really down tonight I’m not usually this way and its getting to me. I need some words of wisdom.

Hi Charisse,

It’s rare that a day doesn’t go by that I don’t have ear symptoms. My ears drive me crazy some days. I get shooting pains deep inside my ears, ear fullness, tinnititus, and popping and crackling noises. I’m also very sensitive to sound. At the gym I have to plug my ears when I flush their toilets because they are too loud and the acoustics are terrible in the bathroom. It’s so bad when I don’t plug them it causes intense ear pain. On one hand I’m sensitive to sound, but then my hearing flucuates and I have a hard time decifering words or following conversations when there is a lot of background noise or I’m in a crowded room. I always keep the TV or radio down low otherwise it hurts my ears. My cell phone is too loud most of the time and hurts my ears and so do any head phones.

My ENG and hearing tests are always NORMAL. I have a history of childhood ear infections and have had allergies all my life. This last year is the first time I can remember being so allergy free for years, but my ears are more out of wack than ever. I can’t figure that one out.

When I feel a migraine coming on I get neckpain as well. I have had migraines with dizziness and neckpain, head tingling but no head pain except for the ears.

I wish you felt better and there was something I could do for you. Whenever I get down I try to find something or do something to help me feel better. Spend time with a friend, call a friend, go for a walk or just sit outside and enjoy the fresh air watching the clouds drift by.

I hope you have a better day tommorrow.



I have all sorts of weird ear symptoms. I used to puzzle the ENG, and usually got, “That’s not a symptom of MM,” from him.

Like Jeanette said, I get intense ear pain that usually only last a few seconds to a few minutes, usually in bad ear, but occasionally in my good ear to. I also get a dripping/popping noise feeling/sound only in my bad ear. This one I know is not head noise, because if I am laying on my side then I get a clear oily fluid that will come out. (I have a tube in my bad ear to allow this.)

My hearing fluctuates, always returning to normal, sometimes it takes a few months. When my hearing is reduced, that roar returns, sometimes loud enough to wake me up at night. The first couple of months that I started having problems, I lost a majority of hearing in my bad ear, and I could understand people standing on my bad ear side.

I had fullness right up until I got the tube in my bad ear. At first it was so bad that it felt like somebody was in my head with a dull pencil trying work their way out. Since the tube was put in, I haven’t had a problem.

The vibrating thing you talk about, I also experience. Low pitch fans, phones at work set to ring at a low tone, and a few other things I will feel more than hear. Sometimes, sudden high pitched noises can knock the balance out from under my feet and leave me on the floor.

i too, get ear symptoms. i had horrible off and on tinnitus for a week and a half, and the hearing tests showed slight low tonal hearing loss which fluctuated back to almost normal range. now i just have a plugged up ear i can pop, which seems to go right back to normal after i pop it, but only momentarily. i wouldnt call it fullness, but more ‘slightly pluggedness’ :?

dont know if that info helps u at all…and i still cant say if i have MAV, but i can say that the ENT who diagnosed my with Meniere’s for the first time now thinks it something more neurological. All drs say something different!!

Lately, I’ve been noticing my left ear feeling like it needs to pop - similar to the feeling you get on an airplane. I’ve also noticed sometimes I hear low pitched tones and then all of a sudden it goes away. The last 4 or 5 days, it actually feels more like an ear ache?? It gets so confusing trying to decide whether or not all these things are related.

I went to a concert (Lyle Lovett) a couple of weeks ago - it didn’t seem to bother me while I was there, but for the next 3 days, I felt wacky - off balance etc…

Sometimes when I talk on my cell phone, I have to hold the phone away from my hear because it hurts…I always thought that person just talked really loud???

I get this as well - I have it right now actually (the feeling like my ears need to pop). In my situation I don’t consider
this to be a severe symptom… just a minor annoyance.

Note that having migraine does not exclude inner ear symptoms. People with migraine can have inner ear
damage as well - there are a few theories as to why this can occur.

There is an article on migrainous vertigo (I think it’s on the front page of the site… unsure if I’ve put it up yet) that describes
a large set of patients with MAV (episodic vertigo in particular), many of whom described ear stuffiness during or before an attack.
This lends credibility to the possibility that MAV is caused by a simultaneous dysfunction in both the brain and inner ear (calcium ion channel
dysfunction in particular).


Neuhauser (sp?) et al lists tinnitus and aural fullness as symptoms of migraine.