Earth tremors

There was just a 5.2 quake a fair way from where we live. We felt the very edges of it.

It caused the floor to rock. I was sitting here at the computer when it happened, and thought it was my head playing up suddenly. I grabbed onto the desk as my heart started pounding and tried not to panic. Decided I must have overdone it today and went to speak to my parents, only to have my mum say she felt like the floor had been rocking too. Then it started coming up online about the quake.

I’m still very shaken, and part of me still feels like it was the imbalance in my head, even though I know it most likely wasn’t. I feel very unsteady now and my hands are trembling.

Have any of you ever dealt with anything like this in your areas?

Yes that happened to me last year. It was scary. It was almost like the room was off balance and I was going to fall off of my desk chair. It gave me the weirdest feeling throughout my body. I live on Cape Cod so I’ve never felt a tremor other than that one time.

Once an earthquake (big in Seattle, small here in Portland) occurred while I was in the shower… I thought it was just a little “extra” dizziness until I heard and saw the shower door rattling. Panic!

Now, whenever my head feels a little “extra” dizzy in the shower, I check the shower door. Fearing an earthquake, I get even dizzier from the sudden surge of anxiety, and have to just tell myself, “It’s not an earthquake, it’s fine!”

I saw in the paper that during that earthquake, many “normal” people here in Portland reported feeling like they were just having a little dizzy spell. A small earthquake can affect your inner ear, obviously.

Even the slight vibrations from heavy equipment working in my neighborhood is well noted by my inner ear.


We rarely get anything like that in the UK, and about 2 years ago, it was 1 in the morning and I couldnt sleep, all of a sudden the walls were shaking and I thought I was getting some sort of weird vertigo attack as I was moving. Something made me put the TV on and they had just had a minor earth tremor way up North. I still blame this house! We bought it 5 years ago, and it was new and made of crap, I call the walls cardboard and the doors are those modern white doors (plastic and hollow), I am sure it will blow down in a storm! Yes, its very strange when your environment starts to do its own thing and its not coming from yourself :shock:


ALL THE TIME :smiley: I live in California and we experience them here daily although they are mostly very minor and hardly feel them. There has been multiple times where I think to myself, “Was that just an earthquake?” Especially where I work and being in my swivel chair, it tricks me out. I even have the website in my favorites to pull up to check and see if needed, otherwise the news really only reports 5.0 and larger. I sometimes now just tell myself, “Yep, that was an earthquake!” Just so I don’t panic and try to carry on!

ilovesalem, I had to do that today! Neighbor using power washer in driveway so lots of noise and vibration, I’m typing on my computer in my swivel chair–which normally doesn’t bother me, but something just felt “jolty”–so I kept looking at the US Geological Survey “last earthquake” and “real-time” sites for Oregon! Plus the local news station sites, in case they put anything up about an earthquake!

I’m especially paranoid because our Pacific Northwest WILL get an earthquake and tsunami like Japan’s, tomorrow or 50 or 100 years from now; it’s a certainty. We are reminded ever more often now, as debris from Japan’s disaster is already washing up on our beaches… a giant fish-loading dock recently arrived in Newport, Oregon, and much more is coming. So I’m always expecting “The Big One.”