EEG Test - Has Anyone Had One?


I was chatting with someone who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy and he asked if I ever had an EEG test. Neurologists and other doctors never suggested one and wondering if anyone has had one? So far have had two MRI brain scans and hearing/vision tests but nothing to test electrical patterns in my brain.

Thats something i often think about as my mam was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy aged 50 and I was diagnosed with MAV at exactly the same age…and the same drug is used for both illnesses Sodium Valporate this is what she takes

I had an EEG a few months ago. It was normal but the doctor told me that even in patients who have epilepsy, an EEG can be “normal” if they don’t happen to be having a seizure while they are having the EEG test.

i did have one and it was normal

So things with EEG hadn’t improved. Still as inconclusive as they ever were. The vet told me that more than three decades ago when I had a dog who had fits. He also told me they only identify epilepsy which seemed peculiar as one would have thought they’d had picked up on any/all different types of irregular brain activity.