Going for an EEG this week (at my request) to make sure nothing else is going on besides MAV and horrible anxiety. Has anyone here had one done before? Any results outside the norm?

Sounds familiar but I’m not quite sure what EEG stands for? It seems I’ve had every test in the world…is this a brain or heart test?

Brain test :slight_smile:


I was diagnosed with epilepsy by my first neuro as the result of of a somewhat abnormal EEG and symptoms that mimiced simple seizures. It wasn’t until I moved a year later that my new neuro believed I had MAV not epilepsy. I do not in anyway fault the first neuro. An EEG doesn’t seem like its a definitive diagnostic test. Rather, recording electrical brain activity merely helps doctors to make more educated guesses about what may be wrong. However, I do wish I had sought a second opinion. In any instance, treatment of these types of brain disorders is trial and error. good luck.