Effexor 75 and Ami 25

So I am 43, I had total hysterectomy in 2016 and MAV started 6 month after surgery (March 2017). In my case, MAV was diagnosed without any doubts because I am a 30 years migraineure with visual aura and my ENT told me he sees that kind of migraine transformation a lot (visual aura to MAV). The hormonal shock probably putted me in this MAV state. After having my daughter, I was in migraine for 36 months so I am kind of not surprised that happened to me.
I was putted on Effexor 75 and that helped a lot. My doc also wanted me to try Elavil 25 (not concerned about any serotonin syndrome, doses are too low) cause I would not tolerate anti hypertension meds and I was told topamax has a lot of bad side effects. And with my menopause going on, Elavil helps me to sleep.
So that helps but it does not cure anything. Someone said that meds are band aids that we put the time the brain heals. I totally agree. It will take probable 1 or 2 more years for me, I need to learn to live with this because its not going away soon.
My question: would you increase Effexor to 112,5 mg or keep this and try to compose with it? Effexor was a life saver, even better than Elavil. I say improvment in a week with 37,5 mg.
I also take small amount of hormones (estrace 1 mg and prometrium 100 mg). By the way, ladies, when I have a bad MAV flare, I take more Prometrium and it calms things down, like Ativan does (I also have on the side for anxiety). Prometrium is just amazing.

Hi Julation,

I don’t have the answer for you, unfortunately, but wanted to ask you a couple of questions. I have also seemed to acquire MAV after pregnancy. For me, my symptoms started with a headache which felt like it was in my left ear, sensitivity to noise. I also, around the same time, got BPPV in my right ear. After that, I am constantly dizzy and there’s still a painless throbbing in my left ear. Sometimes, it flutters, pops, crackles, burns, just feels weird. I don’t have any hearing loss though.

I usually feel off balance with dizziness on quick head movement. I have severe visual auras… lights flickering, flashes, floaters. I can hear my ears “click” after I talk or scream (particularly my left).

what does your feel like?

I think our migraines come from hormonal shock. Pregnancy is one of them (lots of progesterone then BAM! no more - postpartum is coming from that big progesterone fall). I have some similar symptoms as you. The cracking, popping ears is so annoying. But for me, the worst is that migraine aural state that I had for a while before starting Effexor, like I was living in a cloud and of course, loud tinnitus (still going strong). I continue to believe that our problem is coming from a lack of GABA, that our nerve system is on overdrive mode. I try to focus on what could increase GABA (like benzos but cant take them every day). So trying magnesium, theanine and B6.
You could ask for natural progesterone (called in Canada Prometrium). It helps me so much…

Mine started about 4 months postpartum and also, after an upper respiratory infection.

All of my vestibular testings were normal, so they;ve said I have complex migraine.

@Julation hello! I believe you can purchase gaba as a supplement if you are trying to do that for yourself.

What would you suggest?

I have not purchased the supplement myself so I can’t recommend any brands or dosages but if you search “gaba supplement” online you can find them.