Effexor and grogginess?

So, I’ve been on Effexor for about 3 weeks now. The first week or so it gave me insomnia. Fortunately that’s resolved itself. Unfortunately, I’m now dealing with daytime grogginess (despite the fact that I’m sleeping tolerably well). I switched from taking the Fex in the morning to taking it at night yesterday to see if that would help - figured it would. Nope. Soooo groggy today. I feel like I’m on another planet. Anyone ever have this issue on Effexor? And if so, did it go away? (The higher the dosage I’ve been taking the more groggy I feel. At this point I’ve made it to taking 37.5 XR once a day…)


Hey! I am only on my 6th day of Effexor. I am dumping half a 37.5 and haven’t noticed anything yet, good or bad. I hope your bod adjusts soon so you can keep trudging along. Is it helping your MAV yet??

Not sure if it’s helping yet… Been on it almost 3 weeks now. And have been taking almost all of the 37.5 for a week now. (Still dumping a few pellets out, though.) I do feel a little less awful than usual, so maybe that’s a good sign. :wink: