Effexor causing headaches, nausea, vomiting, depression?

I have been on the generic for Effexor call Venlafaxine now for approx 7 weeks slowly titrating up to 75 mg. I have no relief from headaches or dizziness at all and am having worse headaches, severe nausea, vomiting on occasion and am feeling more depressed than ever. I am also going to start on Topiramate (Topamax) right after the new year. I don’t know if I should switch to another AD or just go off the Venlafaxine and start the Topiramate alone. I am having depression and anxiety from this illness.

Does anyone think I should add another AD to the Topiramate and get off of the Venlafaxine? I haven’t tried Celexa yet and was thinking that might be the next one to try.

Thanks for any advice.


Effexor made me super sick. (More sick) Sorry that you are feeling so bad. It seems like you have given it a good go, and if it is not helping, but making things worse, I would let your doctor know right away.

Hmm. I am on Celexa and it has made me about 70% better but not cured. My doctor has suggested switching to Effexor.

We’re like two ships that pass going different directions.

My understanding is that Celexa is pretty mild compared to Effexor, but everyone’s mileage will vary. I had about five days of headaches, some jittery feelings, no appetite, sexual apathy, but then it stabilized after a week and I felt no side effects except for a rare headache, some jaw pain, and some sexual desensitivity (getting better as my body adjusts). I am glad I started on Celexa, but I am not sure whether to stay on it. You might consider switching.

I had a bad reaction to 12.5mg of Effexor, it gave me dry heaving. I had to quit after 1 dose.

For some reason, I cant tolerate the generic version of Effexor. I get terribly sick. I have tried it 2ce and both times were absolutely horrible. They always say that the generic is equivalent to name brand…but it isn’t at all!!
Also, I am on the XR version as well.


7 weeks is a fair trial if you ask me. You could try switching to brand name fex and see if that helps. Also, take it with food. Topamax can be depressing, and that combo has been known to have depression as a side effect. It’s trial and error. I didn’t do well on fex but managed cymbalta okay. They are classified as the same med.
I hope you get some relief

Thanks everyone for the opinons and advice. My doctor had me go down to 37.5 mg today and I will be completely off within the next few weeks. I will be starting Topiramate after the new year. I may ask her to try Celexa after I start the Topiramate. I am now not able to take two meds (Propanolol & Effexor), so hopefully these other ones will work for me.