Effexor Dosage

I was wondering what the dosage is for people that are on Effexor ER? My doc started me off at 37.5 mg and wants me to double that after a week than add verapamil within a few days of that. I trust him but it just seems like a lot.

I would love to hear what dosage you are on and what seems to be the consensus for a therapeutic dose. I know for all it’s different but just wanted to make sure 75mg doesn’t seem like too much. And are any of you also taking Verapamil?

Thanks so much?


Hi Mary,

The consensus here and the recommendation by Hain is to start with the 37.5 mg capsule but divide it into thirds – and so you start at 37.5/3 = 12.5 mg. Work your way up from there.

Good luck! :smiley:

Hi Scott,

I’ve been taking it all at once as that is what Dr Fife recommended. I am supposed to double it on Wednesday but so far I haven’t seen anyone that takes that high of a dosage. He must think I’m a bad case. Haha. I already know that. Anyway, I don’t see how I would divide it as its a capsule. Of course I’m a newbie to drugs. Now everyone is calling me the crazed drug girl :wink:

I refuse to get my hopes up this time but I am feeling almost dizzy free!!! Must be som good sh**'!!!

Thanks again


Being a bad case is all the more reason to start low and go slow.

You actually have to dump the beads out of the capsule onto a plate and cut three lines. No need for the hundred dollar bill or 50 pound note though. :lol:

Take a third at a time that way.


Hey Scott, haha about the Hun and fifty dollar bill. I can always use a laugh.

Sorry to keep bothering you with questions, but if I’ve already done the whole pill for a week now, should I still go back and split them up? It is an extended release capsule. I’m handling it really well with minimal side affects. Im ready to double it.

Also, Dr Fife wants me to add verapamil in a few days. I forgot to ask him if i should take it in the morning with the fex or at night?

Thanks Mate!!


Hi!! I take 75 mg Effexor ER and Verapamil too!!! My Effexor dose started at 37.5 and then I went up to my current 75mg. I have had no side effects from any of my daily preventatvies except…that I feel better!


Hi Mary,

If you’re good on 37.5 then stay there and keep following your doc’s orders. The three lines thing is for people starting up and who find the drug difficult to use at first. Looks like you don’t have that problem which is one less hassle to deal with! Great.


if you’re tolerating don’t go back down. wonderful news!

That is amazing that you are taking so much Effexor starting out and no side effects? I am so happy for you. I am scared of effexor as I tried it doing what scott was telling you,…divide the capsule beads into thirds. Even that was too strong for me. And now you are going to add Verapamil? I started my MAV journey with Verapamil 120, then up to 180, tried 240 and couldn’t doit…hurt to much. I am still on Verapamil 180. It stopped all headache and stopped severe vertigo with nausea completely, but in their place I now have constant spinning, dizzy, vertigo “threats” all day long, but no headache. I like verapamil and I hope you do, too. You seem to go on drugs easily and that is really going to be a big plus for you while you are trying to get better. I have a terrible time getting on any drug and even my lorazapam causes me side effects and weird feelings and a few “spins” right after I take it. Good luck this next week with Dr. Fife. He knows what he all about. !!! hugs meredith