Effexor..how long does it take to see a positive effect?

Anyone have experience with effexor and an idea of how long it will take to work?

You might see a positive effect right away. It cleared up my visual stuff pretty quick, but unfortunatley, kicked up my anxiety. There are people who are told it takes up to 6 weeks to see if this med will work, but I’ve had a few docs tell me if it is your med it should work fairly quickly with minimal side effects.
Best to you…

I haven’t noticed a huge difference but i’m still tapering on and haven’t even gotten to 37.5 mg yet. It’s only been two weeks of a half of that dose. Maybe i’m asking for too much too soon?

I am on my 4th week of 37.5 and am doing pretty well! I have had no strange side effects and would say that I am feeling about 75%. I noticed a difference pretty quick, although gradual if that makes sense. I didn’t wake up on day feeling totally well but noticed a big difference. I am also on Propranolol, been on that for about 8 weeks!!!

Good luck!

well if you aren’t having any side effects, then I would say that’s a good sign.
Have you noticed any improvement?


I had one pretty good day but I’ve only been on 18.75 (so half of the 37.5 pill) for two weeks now. I haven’t had any major side effects but I’m going at a turtles pace. Is it fair I don’t assess this till I’ve been on the full pill for a while?

yes, the good sign is that you are tolerating it. You could probably go up a little faster if you can tolerate it. 37.5 is the starting dose of Effexor, and probably when you will start to see some results.

Thanks Kelley. I’m just freaking out because the last thing I want to have to do is keep switching meds :frowning: just scared of that!

If it’s going well, definitely stick with it. It could be you just haven’t hit the right dosage yet, if you’re not seeing any results. I’ve been on it for a couple months now - tapered really slowly. I felt it every time I upped the dose when I was taking tiny amounts, until I jumped from 1/2 of a 37.5 to a full one. Didn’t feel any negative effects at all. Overall been feeling a touch better. The visual stuff hasn’t seemed quite as bad. Not positive it’s the Effexor, though, as I started Loestrin at the same time I hit 37.5 - and peri is what triggered my MAV. So it could be the Loestrin. Or it could be both. Anyhow, I’m actually going to try kicking it up to 75 this weekend. Hopefully it’ll work even better at that dosage. I totally understand about trying different meds. Been doing this for almost a year and ready to get the right med/combo and move on! (I’m also on 120 of Verapamil…)