Effexor insomnia ?

Morning guys

Been on 37.5 of Effexor now for 11 days. No side effects really accept INSOMNIA I have zero problem falling asleep but wake up 4/5 hours later then can’t fall back asleep!

Did anyone else have this ? And please tell me if goes away? As don’t want to give up on this med BUT can’t survive off 4 hours sleep :confused:

Yes it goes away. Take melatonin supplements until then

Yes Amy it goes away i sleep like a log now!!

Thank god so it’s common? How long does it usually last :grimacing:

Thanks so much jo! How long for it to go away ?:slight_smile: hope u enjoyed ur trip xxx

Everytime i increased dosage. Took about 2 weeks to settle down. Is effexor helping your symptoms?

I feel a little bit may be too early to tell been at the lowest dose 37.5 for 11 days now that’s it ? And first 3 were half tablets I have heard people need higher when did u feel relief ?

Hey mate, I had this for about a week when I just 75mg but then it went away. Fingers crossed for you,

I am on 31mg. It startrd working quite soon for me.

Really like big changes ? How long did the insomnia last

Thank you praying it does for me too :grimacing:

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I’ve had this type of insomnia on and off over the last couple years. And yes, sometimes medication made it worse, but I do think it may have more to do with MAV and the stress that comes with it.

I took an affordable online insomnia course that helped me quite a bit:

I think also when you start stressing out about sleep, then it becomes a sort of problem where you associate the bed and sleep with frustration/sleep and it can become a viscious cycle. The program makes you log sleep and it made it very clear to me what my poor sleep triggers were. Not to say its all in your head, the mediation is probably the culprit, but treating yourself for insomnia can’t hurt.

Thanks me too! How u getting on with Effexor :slight_smile:

Thanks erik

Mine is def Effexor tho as only started when taking and I can get to sleep fine but wake up so early!:confused:

Spoke to my gp she said it’s common I took an antihistamine last night which did help so may add that till it settles.

How are you getting on these days what meds are you taking :slight_smile: hope ur well

Hey @Amylouise, I’m going quite well actually. I’ve had the best 2 days in many months in the last 2 days. Perhaps 20-25% improvement? I’m cautiously optimistic about Effexor being my drug :pray: :pray:

How are you going??

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Hi Amy - hope this one does the trick for you and that the insomnia sorts itself out! Jan x

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That’s so amazing ! Did you try other meds before Effexor ? What dose and how long has it taken too feel better ? I’m on37.5 but only been 14 days so may be too early to tell :grimacing::sunglasses:

Hey mate. Yeah I tried nine drugs prior to Effexor. It’s probably important that I add that I’m also on botox at the same time, and I’m nowhere near out of the woods yet - just hopeful.

It took me about 2 weeks on 37 to notice slight improvements and then another 2 weeks on 75 to notice slight more improvements. I’m planning on increasing to 150 after my next neuro appt (in 2 weeks).
Best wishes!
D from the Venlafaxine crew


I have been on 37.5 since I started Effexor XR 2 years and 4 months ago. It took about 4 months to feel totally better (although the vertigo went away pretty much immediately). I have had one mild breakthrough Migraine and one 48 hour breakthrough vestibular event in that time. From someone’s previous post on this forum, it seems like 37.5 is the recommended dose of Effexor for MAV, but everyone is different.

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Do you still have constant symptoms on effexor or you feel normal most of the time and have breakthrough symptoms ?