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Effexor question

I started Effexor 37.5 ER on 11/28. I am micro-dosing and started on 3/70 beads. Right away I started to feel more sensitive and more symptomatic. Today marks 3 weeks and I am up to 12 beads (so about 6mg). I went from 10 to 12 beads two days ago and felt more symptoms again yesterday (but I also ate a couple dried cherries which was probably a bad idea). My question to people on Effexor is- when did you start to feel better and at what dose? My local neurologist told me not to micro-dose, but based on the fact that I could feel something on just 3/70 beads I’m glad I am going this route! I know Hain’s website says people usually have success with 12.5-75mg, and he recommends titrating up to the 37.5mg over 3 weeks. I think that would be too fast for me.

I started to feel better at 37.5mg but it took a couple of months.

Well, I think microdosing is a very good idea, I think many people fail meds because they start out too high at their doctors recommendations. It takes some time to get used to, I’ve never tried Effexor, but I’ve tried several others and yes small doses at the start I could feel. Trust your instincts and go at your own pace. It can take a few weeks to a few months to really feel it’s helping for MAV. Good luck.



I started to feel improvement at 37 5mg but my biggest jump forward was at 75mg. I’m on 150mg now, it took me almost 10 months to get to that dose as I had to go low and slow. I felt every move up and experienced about 2 weeks of worsening symptoms but it always settled. Once or twice it didn’t so I dropped back for a while. It takes time so stick with your plan, it’s the right way to go. Best of luck.


Definitely necessary for me! Thanks for the encouragement!

Thanks for the encouragement! I’m hoping to get up to 37.5 over the next month or so and stay there for a bit and see how I feel!