Effexor questions please! Dosage, SE's

Hi all!

I went up to 75mg of Effexor XR on the 10th of this month. I take it only at night, 2 ea 37.5 mg. Was taking 25mg regular Effexor 2x a day, then made this move.

Started to get anxiety back along with tinnitus getting louder again. Thought maybe I should try 37.5mg XR last night instead of the 75, and today I just feel awful! Rocking, that whole “Standing on a canoe” thing I felt for months, worse than I have in well over 6 months.

What do you think I should do? Tough out the 75mg with my xanax and valium as needed, for a few weeks longer? Seems reducing made things worse. :cry:

I have also reduced my Verapamil, several weeks ago, from 120 2x a day to just 120 at night. Did not like the water retention and hot flashes. (Actually now think the flashes may be just me - I am 48 years old). Possibly I should go back to the 120 2x a day as well.

I just really hate taking all these meds, and am thinking maybe I was trying to reduce them too fast. There are no VM experts for me to talk to - you guys are it!!

Thanks so much for your time.


So here’s what I’ve done:

Immediately went back to 75mg Effexor XR at night. Seemed to help somewhat. Also, I restarted taking the AM dose of Verapamil.

As the Effexor had me soooooo tired, I went back to coffee… Am now in the decaffeination process again. That should help! I also think that I will benefit from cutting down on grains again, esp wheat. From what I know, we all have a wheat allergy to some degree or other, and food allergies make things much worse for some VMers. Figures. I was such a foodie! :cry:

I have a hard time taking all this medication, as I have said before. Scared of what Verapamil does to your heart. Scared of Effexor period!! Really just need to bite the bullet and get stable, stay that way for a year, and then try reducing meds one at a time, over 3 to 4 months each.

Hope everybody is having a good day :smiley: