Effexor side effects

For those that have or are trying effoxor. What side effects have you had. How are the sexual side effects? I take zoloft. Did anyone switch antidepressants in hopes that it would be a two birds in one? Another experiences with it.

Not wanting to cut you off here, but effexor is a hugely common med here. Please do a search on the site. Also, each of us experiences each med a little differently, though you will find common themes.

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I’ve read all that I found in my search but was hoping for a fresh conversation as well as addressing aspects that I did not see covered. I will retract and search again

You don’t need to retract. We just try to keep posts on point for easy searching later.

A search here of “effexor and side effects” generates about 50 results. Just “effexor” alone is about 200 posts.

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I’m on the fence here, as there is no Topic which specifically discusses Effexor side effects only. Please point me to one if I’m wrong.

However, the problem with this kind of question though, is you are only going to get a contribution of a small set of members who are paying attention to the board for the time the Topic is at the ‘top of the pile’. Responses may be useful, but limited in representation, then and incomplete. So use of search is better. If you want to go through the site and quote side effects and post them here that might be useful to someone.

What we might really better do is have a meds Side Effects Wiki page that people could contribute to over time.


Medics just revel in the Two Birds Approach. Initial preventative choice is often based on comorbidities. People change usually due to unacceptable side effects or just because the drug doesn’t achieve its objective but I am sure people do change to combine. With regards to sexual side effects Search ‘sexual side effects of antidepressants’. There’s a couple of results there might be of interest. Btw notice your User Card states ‘Trokendi’. Is that still correct?

Sure people do change for that but not sure how you will find them

I do still take trokendi.

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