Effexor thoughts?

Ok, so I’ve been on generic Effexor for a couple of months now. I upped the dosage to 75 mg/day a couple of weeks ago. (Took the increases slowly to minimize issues.) I feel like it’s been helping a bit. (I’m functioning at about 80% rather than about 65-70%.) I’d consider asking my doc to up it again, but since this latest increase I’ve noticed 2 issues. First, I now have a chronically twitching muscle in my lower eyelid (argh - Topamax did that when I tried it several months ago, too). Second, and I’m only guessing this is related to the Fex, I keep mixing things up when I’m speaking. Like reversing 2 words in a sentence. And reversing ideas such as “Would you like this for here or to go?” and then saying “to go” when I mean “for here.” (I know word finding issues are common with Topamax, so I’m guessing I’m not losing my mind, but that this is probably due to the Fex, since it’s been really bad for the past couple of weeks since I upped the dosage. But I don’t know for sure.) All that to say, anyone else have word issue with Effexor, and anyone have any thoughts on whether I should keep trying to go up on the dosage or go back down and try something else? (Silly me, I’d like to feel better than 80% of normal…)