Elavil (emdep) for oz

elavil What a joke, 2 months making my symptoms worse, so tired.
called the GP who priscribe them , while neuro was on leave, she said as aDam did, if it’s making things worse stop trying it , after 2 months something should have happened for the better.
well NOT!!
funily enough she said as all GP"s do (just go off them now.) even at 30 mg I’ll taper off thank you !!!
if I wasnt someone who knew better I would have,
this upsets me as I know from experiance never to go off something quickly.
wow they need to learn . bedside manners need attention in oz.
anyways as I said in an earlier post, I’m having dificulty in believing my diagnosis based on the fact that if elavil and beterhistiene drugs help , non of which have helped me yet, they have all hindered.
except for verapamil which has calmed my swaying a bit.
sorry guy’s but i’m kind of using this site as a diary.
hugs to all.