Emgality (Galcanezumab)

Hello everyone,
Yes its me again ! I hope all of you are doing well.

I was diagnosed with the vestibular migraine on Dec 2019. The story began on March 2019 when I had sever vertigo while seating on my office. After that date all my life has been changed until this moment! I stayed 9 months lost & undiagnosed. I saw many doctors and used many drugs with no success.

In Dec 2019 my neurologist in london put me under the Nortriptyline 10 mg to go up every two weeks until I reach 50 mg and to stay on it. Plus b12 & 200 mg magnesium.

In April 2020 I have reached 30 of Nori (still my symptoms the same) then I discovered that I am pregnant! I have stayed at 30 mg for the first trimester then I reduced the dose to 20 mg planning to reduce more to 10 mg as per my doctor advise. However, I was not able to reduce the dose more because I had very bad side effects so I stayed on 20 mg.

During the pregnancy I was doing well! I had the dizziness everyday but at least not 24/7. it was minor and I was able to function & to do my normal duty.

3 days after the delivery, all my symptoms came back again, head pressure, unsteadiness, dizziness, boat sensation, blurry vision etc. I also I discovered that with the breastfeeding, the symptoms get worsen.

So I get back to my doctor and the plan was:

Stope the breastfeeding.
Stay on 20 mg Nori.
Add monthly injection- Emgality (Galcancezumab).

So, this is my first month and they injected me with two injections I am not sure why? They said two at the beginning and then one injection monthly. Its almost 12 days and I am not seeing any different, I feel that my symptoms increased.

My questions:

  • Have you heard any successful stories with the same injection? If yes can you please mention the person name.

  • also I want to know the difference between Emgality (Galcancezumab), Aimoving & Ajovy

Thank you, :blush:

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