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Emotion Freedom Technique

An entirely new one on me. Only possible side effect I could foresee would be sore fingertips maybe. Helen


I did a bunch of psychotherapy using EFT 13 years or so ago. Not sure of anything but the ‘karate chop’ point of the non-dominant hand, tapped gently with the three fingers fore, middle and ring of the dominant hand, whilst saying out loud “Even though … eg I am turning around … I completely accept myself” has a potential ability to break a repeating pattern of thought in my experience. The key is saying it out loud, and finding something to say that is really personal to you. My favourite example of what to say is when you are beyond the pail, and feel at the very end of the line: “Even though I cannot accept myself, I completely accept myself.”

If I’m honest, I use it most now to cut out repeating musical motifs. But it is interesting.

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