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Energy draining symptoms (?)

I am trying to figure out how to describe this “symptom” and wondering if others experience something like this - energy draining sensation (like literally) followed by rising head pressure. I guess the “energy draining” sensation is literally physically felt, as episodes of WAVES of energy leaving the body (down the arms/body - sometimes like cold sensation with sweats) then the head pressure rises and this is bilaterally. Then she becomes super weak like zero energy. Its acute and waxes and wanes, can happen multiple times in a day and in varying degree severity. This totally incapacitates my mom (and gives her HIGH anxiety) and she cannot function almost at all when this happens. NOT sure what the triggers are. Once it starts it feels like it can go on for days and weeks (?) and this really really really is the WORST symptom more than anything. plz help!

I don’t know how to help, other than to recommend meds, but I can definitely say I know the phenomenon you’re describing. It does suck and is probably one of the most debilitating aspects of MAV. I also recommend vitamins. I think our brains are deficient in some vitamins - Vitamin A, Coenzyme Q10, Magnesium. Refilling the chemical storehouse can’t hurt.


Thank you for your response. Currently, she is on ami (titration has slowed due to some side effect showing up, but continuing - helped other symptoms), multi vit (which has some coq10 - maybe not enough, only like 50mg?) and mag glycinate 150mg (cannot tolerate more due to severe GI upset, EVEN with the glycinate formulation!)

I think if it wasn’t for THIS particular symptom she can manage/deal but when THIS happens everything comes to a HALT. When THIS particular symptom is low then she tries to power thru the rest of her symptoms.


You might have her try Dolovent. It’s a migraine specific multivitamin with clinical trial dosages of the more important vitamins.

Otherwise, it’s an endurance race on the meds. Progress is very slow for a long time, like recovering from stroke. The fatigue, lethargy, brain fog, heavy limbs feeling is one of the few MAV aspects that can drive me into my bed. Which is where I’ve been and why for 4 days. We share your frustration and impatience.