ENT Manifestations of Migraine 27: Vestibular Migraine and Tinnitus response to CGRP Antibodies


Well, this is interesting!

Ok so migraine response expected BUT:

Response from tinnitus to anti-CGRP drug!

I’m tempted to pursue this as tinnitus is my one remaining issue.

Very interested to hear from anyone whose tinnitus changed in response to this family of medication ! :thinking:

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I tried Aimovig but unfortunately it did absolutely nothing for any of my symptoms. I think it’s just like any other migraine treatment - works for some, not for others. It’s just another possible solution.

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My tinnitus pre-exists VM and is accompanied by high-frequency hearing loss and occasional sense of fullness/pressure. But wow! If this helped? And in the US, there is a pill available, so maybe no injection? It’s an expensive drug, though. I have sample doses of both Nurtec (rimegepant) and Ubrevly (ubrogepant) but have not taken either. My neurologist gave me them as treatment for an acute episode, which I don’t really get anymore. Nor do I know if a single dose would have any impact whatsoever on the tinnitus. I’m looking forward to more research coming out on this.

Hi, my story sounds very similar to yours. I’ve had tinnitus since age 9-10 and VM diagnosed 6-7 years ago. I find this interesting, I’ll have to pay more attention when I take Nurtec to see if my tinnitus reduces. FYI - Nurtec isn’t good at abortive, even my neurologist came to the same conclusion (she has migraine). But if you mix Nurtec with a triptan (Maxalt), it’s life changing. Something with the combo prevents me from having the triptan hangover (brain fog). I don’t have any experience with Ubrevly. If you have commercial insurance in the US, Nurtec can be had for next to nothing with the coupon, I’m sure Ubrevly is the same way.

I’ve been on Aimovig, it helped but when my insurance changed to Emgaility, bingo much bigger difference in preventive migraine. Compared to the mess was 6-7 years ago, I’m a changed person with the new anti-CGRP meds. With those no change to the tinnitus.

Research, I’ve learned there are official studies but they take their time. My doc does her own “research”, as new meds come out, she gives them to patients with difficult to control migraine. Then during a follow up asks how it worked out. That’s how she learned Nurtec & Maxalt are a good abortive combo. The more we share our stories, more information gets out there that people can think about & use. It’s not scientific but all migraine suffers want to help each other because none of us want to suffer.

Ubrelvy is more potent and fast-acting and not meant for continuous use like Nurtec is

Thanks for your post. Can I check if Emgaility improved your vestibular migraine symptoms? i.e not just a painful head? I have VM for past 10 years have recently tried Aimovig without any luck and the NHS won’t allow you to trial another CGRP blocker.

Hi, I would say Emgality has helped with dizziness. What a shame NHS doesn’t let try other anti-CGRP meds, yes they are the same class, but they attack the problem differently. That’s why I attribute Emgality working better for me than Aimovig. My doctor’s belief, don’t give up, try another because we’ll different & react differently to meds.