you can have 24/7 dizziness/unsteadiness with mav, i do and others on here do too. did u see a general ent? you need to see a neurotologist/otologist/otoneurologist- a general ent wouldnt know enough about dizziness to help you. do u have any other symptoms besides unsteadiness?

Hi Sherlock, when I first got dizzy I went to see an ENT doctor and he thought it was my ears and tried a few manoeuvres on me, did he mention the name of the manoeuvre? The Epley manoeuvre is used for cases of calcium deposit in the ears (BPPV) see: ent.about.com/od/enttreatments/a … neuver.htm
As it happens it wasn’t my ears so I never suffered with the manoeuvres he tried. I later got referred to a neuro-otologist and he did some manoeuvres on me too just to check my eye movements and reactions. It wasn’t too bad I wasn’t sick or anything!! After that I was diagnosed with migraine variant balance disorder and you can definitely be dizzy all the time!

find a neurotrologist. they have perfect skills in neurology and some ear nose and throath disorders. if they cant diagnose u then chances r that u have something else going on since the specialist ENT could not diagnose u either. and fyi in MAV can b chronic 24/7 like most of the cases in this board. its just that a lotta doctors dont wanna believe it cz the IHS has not come out with the diagnostic criteria for it yet. but the smart doctors know it exists.

btw sherlock u shud look into bppv to see if that is the culprit. if it is then really ur v lucky. u shud try maneuver and if works ur problem will b solved. MAV can b much worst

thats qquite normal. many doctors will just believe what they want to believe esp when they xant find the cause of your problem. either u shud do what he says try curing bppv or change neuros. just fyi many neurologists who know what MAV is dont believe that chronic 24/7 MAV exists. a lot of them think it is episodic which is what the literature says but anecdotal evidence of drug use on people llike us i.e. people on this forum have proved them wrong. plus the IHS has hinted that subsequently they will come out with a diagnostic criteria for chronic MAV but we dont know when. who knows by that time these nom believe egoistic neuros and ents will b dead and those that r alive it will b slap in their faces

Why, why, why after 50 years of torture wouldn’t you put up with a few minutes of discomfort to possibly be rid of it??? BPPV is THE diagnosis people with vestibular problems WANT to have. Why? Because it can be fixed easily.

Please, work up the courage to face this and see if the Epley helps…

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but he said it can’t be migraine because I wouldn’t be dizzy all the time

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This is of course nonsense. You only have to look in the 2012 IHS diagnostic criteria to see that a chronic form of vestibule migraine has been recognised. The evidence is lacking in the science literature at this stage but we’ll see it included eventually. Take the article with you next time. See page 171:

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[size=110]In this classification, vestibular migraine is conceptualised as an episodic disorder. However, a chronic variant of vestibular migraine has been reported.[/size]

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You can also see here that VM can produce all types of dizziness/ vertigo patterns. While they do not specifically mention non-stop dizziness it can go on far beyond weeks at a time.