Epilepsy verus migraine Auras

Epilepsy verus migraine
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Thank you for posting this link; interesting article. I was initially diagnosed with and treated for epilepsy. I can understand why my first neuro came to this conclusion, I had a slightly abnormal EEG and my original symptoms were of short duration. In addition, I’ve never suffered from true vertigo and the dizziness was really more like disorientation. However, after I moved from the midwest to the east coast the periods of brain fog started to extend from minutes to hours. With that development the doctor here believed I was suffering from migraine. I found out there is a certain stigma associated with eplipesy. However, it ultimately doesn’t matter what label is attached as both effect one’s quality of life and we are all fighting to keep our heads above water, so to speak. Good luck to all.


Hi ED,
youre so right.
That is so dreadfull that people would judge a person for having epilepsy,
it’s no different to having migraine as far as I’m concerned.
as if epileptics dont have enough crap going on in their lives.
so sad.
'They have electrical storms going thru their brains much worse than our migraine.
poor guys.

Ed I posted this because my migraine is very similar to absent siezure, in many ways.
and wondered if it would hit a nerve with anyone else.

Cheers ED