Epileptic Vertigo

Anyone ever heard of this?

american-hearing.org/disorders/e … c-vertigo/

I never heard of it as a diagnosis but it says it could be a cause of ‘quick spins’.

I found it while looking at this NHS advice: porthosp.nhs.uk/Downloads/Au … %20SRH.pdf

Which also threw up this sentence “Look for and treat underlying anxiety/depression that delay central vestibular
compensation” which tallies in with the lady Dr’s presentation which mentioned needing to treat comorbid anxiety and depression that may be existing alongside migraine, if you are to ever be able to successfully treat migraine.


I had never heard of it before and found it interesting. Of course, since the reference to epileptic vertigo was sitting next to a reference to something called “oto-syphillis” in the materials, I immediately decided that epileptic vertigo might not be that bad! :lol: