Eustachian Tube Dysfuncion

Has anyone been checked for this?? I saw on another website that people had the exact same symptoms as us who were diagnosed with this!

I think it was mentioned in the past that I had trouble with the tubes! I sometimes cant breathe out of one side of the nose and then it clears. When the GP looked in my ears recently she said the right one was sucked in. I am pretty sure they cause some of my problems, constant ear popping when laying down, etc.


i have eustachian tube dysfunction in my good ear. my bad ear is my meniere’s ear. a mav diagnosis is probable but not certain.

the symptoms i have with the tube dysfunction are intense pain in my good ear. so much so that i would insist that i must have an infection and i would go to my family doc as my oto is a long ways away. she would look in and say no, ear is clear but your ear drum is retracted. this is a sign of eustachian tube dysfunction. at times, i can feel the pain all the way down from my ear through my throat. it is made worse my any colds or infections. also, when it is really acting up…this is a weird one…i have some problems with acid reflux, i can “feel” certain foods or beverages in my ear. i had a tube for a while and that seemed to help. especially with driving up and down the mountains around here and trying to adjust to changes in pressure. otherwise, i have used a steroid nasal spray to help. for the time being, i’m not really using anything.

i haven’t really associated any other symptoms with it except for the pain and the stinging through my throat. hard to tell when you throw meniere’s in the mix though. also, i have tmj that occasionally flares up on that side. i can tell it’s that by the soreness i feel by pressing in front of my ear.

oh, I see… So there are a lot of symptoms that someone with MAV would not particularly have??

oh, i don’t know enough to say that. just trying to relate my experiences. i was trying to do a quick search on symptoms and can’t find a good site i like but here’s a list that might help:

* Your ears may feel plugged or full.
* Sounds may seem muffled.
* You may feel a popping or clicking sensation (children may say their “ear tickles”).
* You may have pain in one or both ears.
* You may hear ringing in your ears (tinnitus).
* You may sometimes have trouble keeping your balance.

found that list at

that’s probably a lot more helpful than my response! :lol:

Have all of those but not the pain in the ears. The clicking sound I used to have a lot. It sounds just like a watch ticking in my ear.