Exercise intolerance with weird symptoms!

I used to think that the only thing that induced this sort of dizziness was the “val salva” manuever, or “bearing down” in the bathroom. Now, I learned last night that regular exercise, if done too long, induces the same dizziness. After a while of playing a video game on “wii” with my little cousin, I started to get more intense feelings of rocking and swaying. But, more importantly, when I would dip my head back, I would get a “vibration” or “buzzing” feeling in the back of my head. Also, any head or neck movements would intensify the dizziness, and if I would put each “ear to shoulder” the vibration sensation would also be there. The rocking and moving lasted for about an hour after I laid down, but did eventually calm down. Now, just waking up, the entire sensation is gone, and there is no more “vibrating” with head movements. Please tell me that someone else experiences something like this??? This is insane. I have no exercise ability!!


Again I don’t experience your exact symptoms, but I can certainly relate to the idea that I will get progressively worse when exposed to a lot of stimuli. I rarely play video games, but I’m sure all that visual stimuli would be a bad thing. Likewise shopping in a crowded depatment store is not a good thing either. And when things get bad laying down and sleeping - even if its ony a “cat nap” - helps a bunch. I would encourage you not to put this off as generalized exercise intolerance though. I’ve found that the right kind of exercise, a good cardio workout on a treadmill or stair climber, can be just as good at relieving symptoms as sleep. My theory is that it needs to be a form of exercise that gets the heart rate up and increases brain serotonin without excessive visual stimulation. Good luck.



I do experience a “falling sensation” with the head positions you describe. I cannot say anything about vibrations. I play video games at home, and I do have to limit myself to games with slower motion, and limited 3d motion. Something like a flight similator is enough to induce vertigo. (I don’t limit the word vertigo to spinning. The definition of vertigo also includes sensation of false motion.) If I eliminate the stimulus quickly I’m OK, but if I push myself, the vertigo will remain anywhere from minutes to hours.

Thanks for the clarification on the definition. You are absolutely right. I stand corrected :slight_smile:

But your experience DOES seem similar. I read in the “Heal Your Headache” book that sensations of buzzing and vibrating can be symptoms. That eased my mind a bit. I was starting to think I had something really messed up going on, but nobody can find evidence of that :slight_smile:


Hi Rich, have you found out what is causing the vibration in your head. I am very keen to know. Thanks Michelle

Oh no, never put the ear to the shoulder, worse thing for bringing on my vertigo.


I also occassionaly get that buzzing or vibration in my neck and back of my head. It is similar to when you hit your “funny bone” in your elbow but this feeling goes right up my neck into my head. To me it feels as if I have pinched or hit a nerve somewhere in my neck. If I put ice on my neck, back of my head it seems to calm it down some. I sometimes get this when I bend my neck in a certain way, it has happened with some positions in yoga. I have actually left yoga class because of it but it does settle down.
Hope this helps.