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Exercising and possible pregnancy help!

Hi all,
I have been a patient of Dr Suren’s for the past 3 years and it’s changed my life after being told for 10 years there was nothing wrong with me.

Q1 The trouble I’m having is that I have hit a bit of a wall and can’t seem to continue to improve.
Admittedly I have never really stuck to the brain training exercises that was suggested. Do they really work? I’ve never really done them because to be honest anything that makes the dizziness etc worse I avoid!
I would really like to push through this plato phase and start feeling better still. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have missed last 2 telephone calls from Dr S as one time he was ill and the other I had a family emergency so couldn’t speak to him. Any advice would be appreciated.

Q2 what do you do to keep fit? I am not fit in the slightest because exercising is a trigger but I really want to get in shape!! Any suggestions?

Q3 has anyone continued to take nortriptyline whilst pregnant? I would like to start trying for a baby but there seems to be no clear answer over whether it is safe to take during pregnancy or not?

Many thanks for taking the time to read

Hi, and welcome

No doubt this will sound miserable news, and I’ve no details of your ‘improvements’ or even how affected you were at the start of MAV to know how far you’ve come, but The medical criteria for success of preventatives is messured at 50%. If the meds cut severity, frequency and duration of attacks by half, thst’s considered a medical success. In practice many achieve very much greater success however, to expect perfection, ie a complete return to,all previous activity I think is rather pushing it. Sometimes adding in an additional drug can help so I’d made sure you speak to your consultant for his advice,

Assuming you are restricting caffeine, following Migraine Diet and implementing the usual lifestyle changes with regard to routine, regular sleep and trigger avoidance, you could up exercise a bit. Neurologist told me to go for short walk outside every day. Aids compensation and keeps you fit. Gradually do more if it doesn’t increase symptoms much. Just natural walking is best but don’t push yourself too far too quickly.

‘Brain Training Exercises’?? Sorry, you’d need to explain in more detail. Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy can often make symptoms much worse with active MAV and need very careful supervision which I’ve found totally lacking in UK.

Nori and pregnancy. Nori is class ‘C’ for pregnancy. ‘D’ is Dangerous. I doubt a ‘clear answer’ exists.I doubt anybody medical can give you a definitive answer to that one yet alone one of us on here. I would hesitate to comment. Helen

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Think of exercise just like a preventative medication. It can worsen things in the short term but if you do it right (gentle and listen to your body) it will improve things in the long term. You will need to experiment with the form of exercise that works for you.

To get myself going in exercise I always tell myself “just get your workout clothes on and start, if you feel so awful after 10 min, just stop” But I don’t think I’ve ever had to stop, sometimes I’ve had to slow down or change the exercise. Exercise is generally always a good idea, you just need to convince the brain and form the habit, its tough though, especially with chronic health problems like MAV.

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