Exertion Confusion

Tuesday, mowed the lawn, front and back – large back yard. We have a walk-behind push-mower, gas-run. Self-propelled – just hold down the metal handlebar and steer. Don’t have to push the mower yourself.

Was quite sunny out – though admittedly, sunlight doesn’t bother me so much as fluorescent indoor lighting – but I did the entire lawn and felt quite OK. Guess grass isn’t very “visually complex” (I was staring down at the lawn most of the time). Certainly not “bad” like being in a grocery store is, though in terms of self-motion, it’s quite similar. I felt almost as good as I do when driving a car. (Maybe holding the handle was keeping me feeling steady?) I certainly perspired, but even more confusingly, the next 24-or-so hours were easily among the better days I’ve had.

I’m back to “normal dizzy” again as of last night. But sure don’t understand why I did so well both during and AFTER a fairly exerting (at least, for me, right about now) activity.

Also about to begin Effexor tomorrow a.m., which I sure do hope does the trick.


Give it up! There is no making sense of MAV in general. :wink:

You crack me up with your overanalyzing sometimes because I see myself in you. I’m the type who wants an answer for everything, but this whole experience is challenging that aspect of my thinking. Logic just doesn’t apply here. :?

I hope you have another good day soon!

Marci :smiley:

I am convinced there is a logic, or something like it, to all this somewhere – it just is really hard to put all the pieces together. Kind of like being given a 5000-piece jigsaw puzzle but the box doesn’t show what the completed picture looks like.

I’ve been an analyzing, “have to try to find out the answers” kind of person since I was little. If there’s one thing I’m determined to find some answers to, it’s this.

Would like to fast-forward to 10, 20, 50 years from now and see what medicine will someday figure out about migraines.

'Course, I’d also like to go into my DNA and do some debugging, if I could. If only.


I personally see nothing wrong with wanting to know Why, What and why not, etc. This has been part of my problem with some of the doctors I have seen that just says take a pill and it will be all better , I am not sure what you have but lets see if this medication works and then if not we will go onto the next one.

I need someone to paint me a picture, connect all the dots, tell me exactly what is wrong and what to do and make it better and what not to do to make it worse.

Will any of us ever be what we once thought was normal, I am not so sure but what happened along the way in our lives to change all of that.

As I told one of the doctors last week, this time last year I was a very normal, hardworking woman with a career and family and now all of that is gone within the blink of an eye and no one can really tell me why or what happened.

I was active, outgoing and some would even say very opinionated at times and now I am none of those and I would like so much to at least be able to look forward to things once again…at least just a bit…

And do I want to know how all this works , and why it happened and how it happened you bet…will we ever know maybe the DNA analization is not such a bad idea…do we all have a bad gene somewhere in the mix?

None of it really makes a lot of sense , especially when the doctors do not even agree on what it is , how it effects our bodies and what is the best treatment for it…

Marci – Don’t get me wrong, I understand what you’re saying. Appreciate it. Who knows, maybe the body just appreciated being pushed and decided it had enough strength to say “OK, we can do that … this time.” If so, too bad my brain won’t respond that way more often. Usually, it’s not so much “I can do that” as “Don’t even think about it!”

Or maybe my lawnmower has endorphins in the exhaust fumes and I just got a temporary feel-good high.

Actually, the first few times I tried to start it, it would cough, start up, run for about two minutes, and then sputter and conk out. I wanted to say, “Yeah, know how you feel!” But I didn’t actually say anything, because I’m not currently on speaking terms with lawn-care products. (And the kitchen appliances would think I’m nuts.)

Timeless – I strongly suspect there’s at least a few wayward genes related to migraine. MAV is different from traditional migraine because MAV is often continuous, not episodic. Neurologically speaking, I wonder how similar migraine and MAV actually are. The confusion and questions you raise (and that many have mentioned, myself included) – especially about the drug-treatment side of all this – make me think there’s something we’re “missing” or “not getting.” Otherwise, presumably, there should be a “one-size-fits-almost-all” drug for MAV.


I was actually just teasing you a bit. If questions aren’t asked, the mysteries of MAV and migraine in general will never be solved. I’ve been spinning my wheels with it for over 18 months now, going over and over the potential causes and treatments in my head…maybe if I do this or try that, I’ll get better…

Before this MAV adventure, I’ve been able to solve problems with much analysis and hardwork. So far, my usual approach is only partially working. I’m better than I was in the beginning, but I’m still struggling to get back to a “normal” lifestyle. I guess I’ll have to work with a new “normal.”

Keep asking questions; maybe you’ll find the answers for all of us! Now, I gotta get home to mow my lawn so I can tryout your exhaust fumes theory! :lol: