Extreme Fatigue

Although I’ve followed this forum for years, this is the first time I’ve written a post so I am a little nervous. I have been diagnosed with Vestibular Migraine as well as Menieres Syndrome as a secondary. I’ve been battling these diseases for 4 years with a lot of ups and downs. My question is…when I have a bad attack (which for me is extreme dizziness, extreme fatigue, full ear and roaring tinnitus) I end up in bed for about two days. I can sleep on and off for almost 48 hours. Does anyone else have this happen to them. And does anyone no WHY this happens???

The consensus of the ‘why’ seems to be that it is exhausting for the brain to keep trying to fight the dis-equilibrium.

As a very long term Meniere’s sufferer, I’m well acquainted with the day after ‘hangover’ from a bout of the dizzies.
Once the MAV symptoms set in and the lessviolent, but more constant dizziness/unbalanced/ earthquakes set in the fatigue also became more constant - which makes sense. In the end, sleep is still the best doctor to try and help the body heal itself…inconvenient though it is in this case!

Good to see you come out of ‘lurkdom’ @JCon, and joining the conversations!

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Fatigue is one of the most problematic symptoms of VM for me, albeit not quite as bad as yours.

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