**Extreme Fatigue**


Having an unusual day of extreme fatigue. I feel too tired to walk two blocks to return a video although I probably could do it.

But I’m wondering if this is some part of the MAV. I often get very tired before an attack. Or sometimes just get tired and do not have the vertigo.

Really totally wiped out. I had a very big week last week with alot of activity and was afraid I might have to pay for it.

My aim is to find a medical professional who might know diagnosis and possible treatment.



I think we get fatigued because it is our bodies way of saying slow down. I recently had an episode where I had to go lie down for 3 hours from fatigue. I think its our bodies way of saying slow down your doing too much.

I hope this helps
Blessed Be


Yes, I do agree that in some way it is our bodies saying we need to slow down. So often we want to do more than our bodies are able to do and can overtire.