Eye cream

Has anyone found a cream they can use under their eyes. I have dark shadows and usually use concealer but it wont go on as the skin under my eyes has gone so dry. I have tried various creams, they all makes my eyes water and give me headache, I resorted to vaseline and still the eyes watered. Replies from men and women appreciated. Dont be shy :slight_smile:


Hi. I started using Clinique’s All About Eyes cream. There are two kinds the heavier cream one and the light weight gel type one. I use the light gel one. After about a week I noticed a difference in the dark circles under my eyes. I use it in morning and at night. It has done wonders for my mom. I don’t even smell a scent with it. I love it.


Have you tried the range by Simple? Their products are unperfumed and are specifically made for sensitive skin.

Hi Nance,

I read great reviews on the Clinique eye cream and got some, trouble is, eye watering again, I am very sensitive.

Beech, I think I tried “Simple” years ago, do they do an eye cream? I have had allergies to make up etc. for years before the migraines, I remember always having to use “Almay” products hypoallergenic in my early 20s.


Hi Christine,

Yes Simple has several eye creams. If you Google ‘simple eye cream’, it comes up as the first result, and you can see all the options. I like their stuff and always find it’s fine (I have quite sensitive skin and also don’t like things that smell too strongly).