Eye dependence

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this or if it has been discussed before but here goes.

Yesterday I had a preop assessment for cataract surgery which meant drops were put in my eyes to dilate the pupils. My pupils remained enlarged and fixed for six hours which meant my vision was not anywhere near it’s best resulting in a really bad fall flat on my face again, I always land on my poor face. If ever the doctors needed convincing that we are totally reliant upon our eyes to keep us upright I am a great example! I coped for about three hours but then my brain obviously went into meltdown and I fell. There were no trip hazards, it was a level floor and one that I navigate easily every day. The only difference yesterday was my eyes were not able to function correctly. I guess I should have stayed at home all day until the effects of the drops wore off, lesson learned the hard way as usual!

Well, I’ve no idea what The Boss will have to say about but far as I’m concerned it looks a good a place as any to me but then I have had alot - and that’s an understatement in itself - of involvement with eyes in relation to balance issues, and I could witter until the cows come home on the subject. Yes, you should have stayed put until the dilation reverted to normal. Very remiss if medics not to warn you. Very poor. Trust you didn’t have to drive home. I somewhat doubt you are totally dependent on your eyes for balance but it’s a huge part. I’ve read and been told virtually all sighted adults are visually dependent, and that becomes more and more so with increasing age so, rest assured, you are just like everybody else.

There’s a balance test sometimes used where you stand on one leg with/without eyes open, note the results considered ‘normal’

Under 40’s - Eyes opened - 45 seconds
Closed. - 15 seconds

50-59 yrs. - Opened. - 41
Closed. - 8 seconds

60-69. Opened. - 32
Closed. 4 seconds

And, knowing how adventurous you are, if you must try this at home make sure you are very close to something firm to grab hold of, I always find kitchen sink very useful on these occasions. Fascinating, isn’t it. Helen

Thank you. I had the test as part of my workup for VM and I could not stand on both feet with my eyes closed without falling over! So I really should have known better than to venture outside but my dog depends on me so I just got on with it as usual. I really must learn to ask for help when I need it instead of thinking I am superwoman!!!

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Been there, wiped up blood from that. We’re so sensitive. Sorry you fell. :confused:

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Use an hiking pole or cane next time when dilated. No shame in protecting oneself. Sorry about the fall.

Thank you, I have a folding one which I used to keep in my handbag but because I have been going great guns most of the time I put it to one side. I will put it back in my bag because two weeks ago I fainted in the park whilst out walking my dog. That is related to a different disease, but all in all I need to be prepared!!!

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Sorry about your fall, Revolving, and hope the cataract surgery goes well.

Thank you Beth. How are things with you now?

@Revolving I have different sized optic nerves and have had to get my eyes dilated for it to be checked out ever since I was very young. In my college days before I had any MAV I could even drive with them dilated. But, I did get them dilated twice with MAV and WOW, I was very off balance, definitely had someone drive me, and one time I remember fumbling my way in the public bathroom after the appointment. I agree, this definitely shows how dependent on our eyes we are. I’m glad you weren’t hurt with the fall.

And, I’ve had other eye issues, like if a stye is swelling my eyelid or if a bug flies in and obstructs my vision I feel my balance is a lot worse as well.

Best wishes on a smooth surgery and speedy recovery.

I’m 17 days out of lasik. It has been really hard even with the improved long range vision.

Thank you, it is lovely to hear from you, you have been very quiet of late! I hope you are making some good progress?

My surgery is next Tuesday, scarry!

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Maggie, things are going better for me at present, thank you. My ‘earthquakes’ have subsided to ’ jolts’ lasting only a few seconds at a time, which makes functioning much easier. The hearing in my ‘good’ ear has returned to it’s previous level, (I can listen to music again!) , and the terrible pressure and loud tinnitus have departed. The worst remaining symptom at present is just always feeling tired! So annoying! - but it could be much worse. Balance is off sometimes to varying degrees… like today, when everything is just ‘off’ - but then we re having funny weather with high winds and threatening storms that don’t qyuite materialize!
Hope your operation goes well! I had both eyes done a week apart 2 years ago - when I was in a remission phase- with no problems at all. Hubby did drive me after the various dilation’s etc as per instructions from the clinic, but I was not badly effected. Shows the difference between when you are symptomatic - or not!!!


That all sounds very positive I am delighted to hear, especially about your being able to hear music again, wonderful!