Eye focussing

Does anyone get the sensation that their eyes are too close together or sort of cross eyed sensation when in a busy environment ie lots of people walking in different directions or when using a computer for a long time. I find it is worse when wearing my contact lenses. The amitriptyline is helping but I still suffer sometimes with it

My vision is my biggest issue. I’ve always felt that my visual response is somehow not quite right with how my brain perceives it. Its one of those really hard to define symptoms. I just feel my vision is off, despite seeing every doctor and getting the A-OK from them all.
I have found that one of the serotonin receptors has to do with the visual cortex, and some meds (pizotofin and periactin comes to mind) antagonize (decrease activity) at that receptor. I wonder if that would help those of us that have that issue? I live in the states, and I haven’t found that doctors here prescribe those meds.
Weird eh?

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Hi kelley
I have lots of visual symptoms but my tests and vision etc is completely normal. I think it is due to chronic migraine activity in the visual cortex. It has improved significantly with the amitriptyline. The other drug I was offered by prof Luxon was pizotifen. It is probably the only other drug I wud try.

Hey, vision is my main symptom too. I woke up one day a few years ago, and my vision felt too strong. I went to 5 different opticians who all said my contact lenses were not too strong, despite the fact everything looks like it has an edge around it and way too clear… I sound mad huh! :frowning:

I also feel like there’s lots of kind of fuzz, between my eyes and an object I’m looking at across from me, like the sofa. It’s worse when in bright light and when Walls are White.

I thought I was going insane until I got diagnosed with chronic migraine and mav… Now it all makes sense. Doesn’t make it any easier to deal with though.

But it’s really interesting reading your post Kelley- I never thought there could be specific drugs that might hit that symptom… Amitriptyline didn’t really seem to hit my vision problems at all- I just kind of get used to them once they heighten every few months.

Oh, and since I’ve been back at work after 5 months off… My vision at a computer is hell. And my job is pretty much an 8hour computer session so… :frowning: yeah. It sucks!

Yes! It is a hard to explain symptom! I say that I feel as though my contact or glasses prescription is too strong for my eyes even though I know they are not…also hard to maintain eye contact sometimes especially when someone is close!

Vision symptoms have been my issue to, and it is so hard to explain. But I guess when I get in a busy environment, or when my environment is moving (walking or in a car) it becomes worse. It is like my brain shuts down, and I only can process a small amount of the visual information. I can see it, but I cannot interpret it all.

So for example, parking lots are a nightmare, because there is so much to process. I look both ways, but I can’t really remember if the left side is clear once I look right, so I just kinda ease out and hope no one hits me.

My visual symptoms were the first thing I noticed had improved with the spinal patches. 6 days since the patch, and although not everything is not yet perfect, the vision is much improved.

Inafog, I’m real glad the patch seems to be improving matters, especially in parking lots. They are among the most likely places for collisions to occur, even without impairment.


I feel crosseyed often. In fact, I have felt crosseyed if not having actual vertigo and migraine for the last two-three weeks. There are some respite periods, but it tends to start after i have been awake a few hours and feel fine then… cross-eyedness. It can be triggered by not eating enough I have recently discovered (as well as sleep hours/bedtime and quality) as I am adrenaline hypoglycaemic and have been all my life. So I’m back to eating two breakfasts just this week. And of course full meal in my half hour morning tea, as well as giant lunch. But it seems that morning is the key. Today is the first day I haven’t been cross eyed in a few weeks.

Strong visual symptoms and triggers for me. Ocular and optometric tests have come back fine. Some days I think my contacts are blurry. Then I realise it’s the start of the sh*. I can cover an eye and relieve it but that lasts less than a minute.

Some medications gave me this feeling as they really changed my sleep quality and hours needed. I read here that they work for others but for me they made it worse. I’m grateful for the advice on regular sleep times, not just hours of sleep. It’s already making a difference, though it does take some time.

The crosseyed feeling is a new symptom for me. It started recently, actually after I started driving again (had a friend drive me round for the past 5 months). It’s a really weird feeling, my vision stays the same I just feel like my right eye is being pulled to the left side.

I also have another peculiar visual symptom. If I look at a rectangular object from the side for a couple of minutes (eg. Looking at a TV from the side), and then look at a different rectangular object straight on, the latter gets skewed, I perceive it as parallelogram instead as a rectangle…really weird.

I had got focus dailies lenses at cheapest price from online buying.

I ALWAYS have trouble focussing DURING a dizzy spell, dble vision…etc…Its worse if my eyes are Open, everything is spinning.

I had a dizzy spell today in the mall, had to lean against the display case & pretend i was reading. :oops: I had lasik eye surgery 10 yrs ago & ever since…i have been dizzy with hearing loss/foggy brain/off balance…etc.
tonight i up’ed my nortriptyline to 20mg, i cant tell if its making me worse . I need to give it more time.



I can completely relate to the eye focusing issue! It’s driving me mad. Might be a long shot, but if anyone sees this and found a way for it to improve, I’d be forever grateful


I also have vision issues. If you can find a neuro-optomologist in your area make an appointment. The practice I go to specializes in people with neurological disorders – vestibular issues, traumatic brain injuries, etc. I’ve found help with specialty lenses and vision therapy. It’s not a cure-all but it has really helped me. Good luck!

Thanks so much @sfnative! I will do :blush: