Eye pressure

I have been on topamax for 6 months now, feeling about 95% better for about 5 months. I will have a dizzy episode here or there, but otherwise feeling pretty great. (I’m on 75 mg twice per day, so 150 mg per day). About 2 days ago my eye pressure returned. This was always a big MAV symptom of mine, where I have a hard time focusing, I have to concentrate really hard to see and it makes my eyes feel really dry, etc. not sure where this came from. Last fall my MAV was probably the worst I had it since it began in Feb 2015. I suspect I have seasonal allergies but have not been tested for them, and wonder if this could be partially to blame. Has anyone had this happen? I wonder if I need to up my topamax dose again. Of course it’s. A holiday weekend so I can’t consult my neurologist until Tuesday, ugh. I have been feeling headachy as well, so maybe it’s all related. Just curious if this has happened to anyone on topamax after they have been on it for a while.