Eye problem

I have had migraines for years but not as bad as when I was younger. I am 51 now. This week I have had very bad vertigo and can’t use my eyes for reading or even watching TV. Sitting in my computer swivel chair while on the computer really throws me into a spin. Guess what I am getting at is I am having trouble I think with eye movement and veritgo. The worst I have had in 15 years. Could this be migraine related even though I haven’t had a bad migraine lately. I have been told bilateral weakness with nothing on the left side and 40% fluctuating on my right side. I am so depressed with this after so many years. How does one get in the car to even go to a doctor when they can tolerate no visual stimulus. Anyone have this level of vestibular loss and visual problem been diagnosised as Migraine cause.


My wife has had migraine vertigo attacks without having a headache. According to some of the articles that we have read this is common in migraine with aura sufferers. neurologychannel.com/migraine/ classifies this as a Headache-free migraine.

Headache-free migraine is characterized by the presence of aura without headache. This occurs in patients with a history of migraine with aura.

I found this article also which might be informative for you.


Hope this helps.