Eye strain and MAV

Does anyone find they suffer from eye strain a lot, like dry tired weak eyes, particularly after computer use and sometimes when MAV symptoms get worse. I’ve had my eyes checked inside out and they are fine, so I’m guessing it must be MAV related…

I also suffer from terrible eye strain when I work on computers and then I get migraines. It is so tempting to use a benzodiazepine and an NSAID daily.

I do, especially after using the computer too much. Too much computer time is definitely a trigger for me. I also had my eyes checked and they were found to be normal, so I agree that it must just be part of this MAV.

Yes I too suffer from strong eye fatigue. In an office setting with prolonged computer use. I was never fatigued to this degree during same amounts of computer use prior to vertigo. One thing that has helped me is computer glasses. It does not solve the problem, but I believe it removes one layer of stress off my eyes. I will be getting eyes checked by an opthamologist this coming Wednesday. Will report back

I do to. Dry eyes a lot which is horrible. What’s best to help or stop this. I’m currently buying aeye drops like from supermarket but I don’t think they are good enough. I do to work on computers all day long and my worse system of mav is the eye lag when moving and looking about. I could really… Some days.

Diet Wise, Omega 3 Supplements daily and of course stay hydrated. As hard as it is, remember to blink often. I like Dry Eye Relief drops by Similasan. My Eye doctor had prescribed Freshkote drops for me, and after three weeks of no improvement, I bought the Homeopathic drops. I wanted the Computer strain drops but they only had the dry eye drops. They are remarkable. As far as environment, a humidifier will help your eyes as well. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I went through about a year and a half of terrible eye strain, resulting in dry eyes which caused corneal ulcers, when my MAV was at its worst. At the time I didn,t know why I was dizzy. I was forever at the eye clinic of the local hospital and the ulcers have caused my corneas to be dented now. However, since a successful MAV diagnosis earlier this year after 18 years of suffering undiagnosed, lifestyle changes and nortriptyline have meant that I am nearly back to “normal” and the dry eyes are gone :smiley: . When I had eye problems Hylo Tear drops helped. You get them on prescription here in Scotland.