Eyes Closed - Worse Veritgo?

Hi all, just wanted to check and see how many of you share the symptom of being able to do alot of things when the light is good, but being alot more wobbly and vertigo getting worse when you’re walking in darker surroundings, or indeed, when you stand or sit with your eyes closed and move.

One of my VRT exercises is to be able to balance on each leg for 30 seconds. I can do this with my eyes open now - yay! but i can’t do it with my eyes closed yet!

Similarly, doing anything - e.g walking with my eyes closed - it also alot harder.

Do others share this visual dependency? I think it’s common for MAV, but can only be partially helped by meds - the other part is VRT daily for 15 mins.

Isn’t standing on one leg, eyes closed difficult for everyone?
Gonna ask some friends to test it. :lol:

I mean the rocking vertigo. As soon as i close my eyes, i feel like the floor is moving even worse than i always feel. The rocking motion increases alot.

Oh sorry, yes especially when I’m lying down.

haha! i know it sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. Some of my friends when i say i can’t walk in a straight line with my eyes closed say - neither can i!! :lol: But it’s part of the VRT training to make our brains re-adapt.

Have meds made that any less so for you belgian waffle?

Yeah I know! There is one ex: walking down the stairs, eyes closed. I mean, that’s dangerous!! Even for ‘normal’ brains! :shock:

Well I’m now on 20 mg ami, it’s my first MAV drug. I took betahistine for 6 months, but it didn’t do much. I’m building it down and stopping in a few weeks.

I have not found anything yet to bring me relief, but I don’t have a dx either! :?

How bout you?

I was looking at your symptoms. they sound alot like menieres disease to me- have you seen an ENT?

I’m on 20mg of Ami at the moment, no relief yet but it’s only been 2 months and i’ve only been on this dose for 6 days - so needs to give it another few weeks yet. I was diagnosed on my first meeting with the neuro-otologist at NHN&N about 2 months ago…

I have seen several, even one that specializes in Meniere’s but he said definitely not.
It’s so confusing!

Hope you will find some relief with the Ami!
It’s a long road isn’t it…