i am having a lot trouble with my eyes.
I feel like one eye is stronger than the other but it’s not. I have been to the opticians a number of times and had them checked.
I wear contact lenses and have played around with different strengths but it makes no difference
Is anyone else having this?


Hi Rob

I intermittently get a feeling that my right eye is stiff and isn’t processing stuff properly but I know that my eyesight is fine and I don’t wear glasses or contacts. It is like that eye is struggling to process the vestibular input or something. It happens for phases and then goes away again. I also find, particularly when I am having a bad phase, that both my eyes keep de-focusing, like their way of trying to shut out the dizziness. It’s like they just go into a trance and de-focus when I am sitting still. None of the eye symptoms for me have actually felt like there is anything wrong with my sight as such though x

I just joined this forum so not sure if I have a ‘right’ to answer - esp as I haven’t been dx with MAV tho I suspect it strongly - and you describe very much the way I get vision problems. been to check my specs but the script is right. one eye (usually left) seems to not focus and with this i get a lot of nausea until the vision clears - sometimes hours later, by itself, then the nausea eases off

Hey Rob

It seems that you and I have really similar symptoms!

I have struggled big time with eye/vision problems. I’m really short sighted and spent 4 years convinced every optician I went to was shit and couldn’t do their job properly… Turned out it was my brain that had the problems! :lol:

Feels like my left eye is not as good as my right, have played around with loads of different strength contacts- they opticians literally gave me every strength and told me to go away and see what felt right, in the end! And I still couldnt come up with a decent feeling combination.

I also have real trouble switching from glasses to conatcts- do you?

Also feel like everything is in HD. And when I’m really dizzy in a bad patch, like now, it sort of feels like my eyes aren’t open as much as they should be- but they are. Do you get that at all?

We’re all maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!



yeah i have trouble switching between glasses and lenses

it feels like my two eyes aren’t working together!! It feels like i haven’t got a lense in one of my eyes but i can see clearly out of both of them!! :roll:

I know what you mean about seeing in HD!!

i feel like I’m getting slight headaches from eye strain!!

missmoss apart from the thing about the eyes not feeling open enough i get all of that - HD vision, left eye not right, problem changing between glasses and lenses and really strong script (very short sighted).

i spend a lot of time cleaning my glasses / lenses, and closing each eye in turn to ‘test’ my vision. I feel my left eye isn’t right but with the right eye closed i can see fine with it.


the_mermaid i do exactly the same. I’m constantly putting my hand over each eye trying to work out which eye is weaker etc

glad i’m not the only crazeee :lol:

Guys. Me too! I also wear lenses 90% of the time , I only wear glasses in the house :smiley:
I spend most of the day blinking, convinced there’s something in my eye , or taking the contacts in and out, or squinting as things seem to get blurred towards the evening. When I’m having a full on attack my right eye seems to reflect the light and I can see something (which I now know to be aura!) there like a blob!!!

I’m so weird!


I’m so glad you 2 are here- I feel less of a (4 eyed) freak now :lol:

i forgot to add i get shimmering as we. From lights, tv etc

Hi. Does anyone have eyes that feel like they are two large boils which throb and pulsate. The Dizzier I am the more my eyes throb ( specially the left one ) I also spend a lot of time cleaning my glasses as I feel I cannot see properly.

Mermaid, I missed your post originally, sorry.
I’m sorry you have HD vision too but I’m genuinely excited that someone else has it- it kind of makes me realise I’m not mad. I spent years in opticians with them convinced I was a nutter. And I only plucked up the courage to tell the gp about it after 2years and even thenci never went back because I knew he thought it was psychological.

I just read your thing about always covering and uncovering one eye to test them… I do that too!
I think people think I’m winking at them sometimes, which can be embarrassing on the tube :smiley:

One thing I do feel strongly about, is that opticians should be better informed about migraine. They could have saved me years of confusion over what was going on.

So glad this forum exists and we all found each other, and feel less alone with our random symptoms.I don’t know how I survived for so many years genuinely believing those that told me I was a hypochondriac!
This place rocks, Scott you are awesome, everyone here is bloody lovely. Mvertigo.org is a bit of a life saver :smiley:

My vision is getting worse. Lights have a massive shimmer to them!! Its constant!! Aaaahh :frowning:

Is there any chance it could be one of your meds making it worse Rob, or do you think it is a symptom of MAV? x

Yes Robert and others I an just the same. Very short sighted and played around with different strength contacts but it never helps but the weird thing is since I started on pizotifen my vision has gone crystal clear. It’s really weird seeing life so clear instead of a blur. So maybe there is something in it. Another MAV symptom. I do struggle going from contacts to my glasses definitely go more off balance. So in about ten days have seen two symptoms clear with pizotifen. Daily headache and blurred vision. Quite positive.

I also feel like i’m seeing in HD, although i don’t find a difference between my eyes, my right eye does constantly pulse - i can see the lid moving - and this moves my vision from side to side. It sometimes goes away, but is always bad when my vertigo is bad… constant rocking on a stormy sea, rather than on calm waters…!