Face twitches for weeks

Ive been experiencing twitching of my right eye, bottom lip and chin for a few weeks and its starting to freak me out. Ive had random twitches before over the years but never this constant for this long. My neuro doesnt seem to know much about this symptom, but didnt think it was a serious issue. Anyone else had/have this? It has coincided with a heavy pollen season with fluctuating temps. Not sure if its realted…

Have you tried taking magnesium to see whether that helps?

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Hi! Yes. Actually have been regularly taking magnesium oxide for years (since migraine started). I wonder if i should take a different type though…

Hi I get this twitching periodically not just in the eye but many different muscles not sure it is related but I suspect so I also take regular Magnesium supplements. 0

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Hi Matty, thanks for your reply. May i ask what form of magnesium you take?

Hi Magnesium Glycinate.

There is a good discussion about various forms of magnesium on this forum. If you put “Magnesium threonate or glycinate” in the search function, you’ll find it.


hello, I have a small history of migraines starting age 20-30 I maybe had 10 migraines. I received 3 covid vaccines, after my booster shot in november I started to develop horrible neurological symptoms. At the time I did not think much of it with the connection to the vaccine, however I have recently been diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis post vaccination.
The symptoms progressed for me as follows:

  • First debilitating migraines that persisted for 2.5 months daily with no relief, some of the worst pain I have ever had in my life, I could not eat, sleep or get out of bed
  • Visual aura that I has last for over 3 months
  • body twitches all day for months, all over my body
  • ear rining
  • tingling/ numbness
  • horrible fatigue
  • hair loss

After seeing a neurologist at mass general hospital in boston with little to no answers I sought out a second opinion. I was able to meet with a neurologist out of Yale who told me that patients are having major neurological symptoms post vaccination. I did a cytokine blood panel and my markers were through the roof indicating I have autoimmune encephalitis from the covid vaccine. It is possible for anyone to experiencing these symptoms but more likely for those who have pervious neurological issues (migraine ext).
I would urge you to explore the cytokine blood panel although many doctors are not aware of it yet. There is treatment if you had a severe onset of neurological symptoms post vaccination that do not seem to have any other cause.
I hope you are able to find some help.

I have had periods of random body twitching along with VM. I would get myoclonic jerks and even a random sniffing action every now and then. It never lasts consistently though. Just another symptom of vestibular migraine .

I’ve certainly had twitches and zaps all around the body. Comes and goes. We all have overly sensitive nervous systems, I hope it’s just a symptom of that and innocuous.